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Top 10 Women Leading the Crypto and Blockchain Space

Though men still dominate the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a large number of women are making their way into the technology world. They are leaving behind various preconceived notions along with strongly held misbeliefs upon them. 

This article highlights the top 10 influential women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. We are going to highlight women who are carving a niche for themselves within the crypto and blockchain sphere thereby making an incredible difference. Serving as an inspiration for many entrepreneurs, here is a list of the top 10 female crypto and blockchain leaders. 

1. Sally Eaves

Sally Eaves comes with a lot of professional talents. Apart from being a keynote speaker and accomplished author, she appears regularly at technology and wider blockchain conferences to help address people regarding the perks of technology disruption. She helps people derive the benefits of blockchain as solutions to social problems. 

Sally Eaves, tactfully applied her craft with a multitude of senior positions. She was there in numerous technology firms serving positions of Chief Technological Officer, Global Strategic Advisor, and Practicing Professor. She sits on the Forbes Technology Council. It happens to be an invitation-only company concerning senior executives. 

Being one of the shortlisted candidates concerning the UK IT women of the Year business role model award, she also has won the decade of women’s Frontier Women 50 Award. Apart from that, her active involvement is also present in various blockchain startups and foundations. 

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2. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark happens to be the CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs. It is an organization that is developing the next-gen of DeFi infrastructure. Lightning refers to an open protocol layer that helps make blockchains flexible and scalable for supporting the wave of financial applications. 

The network of Lightning happens to be a layer 2 scaling solution concerning Bitcoin. It allows users to leverage payment channels and payment routing with immense speed and low fees. Elizabeth has been managing the Lightning Labs and the creation of the network. She aims to add Bitcoin in reaching a point where people will adopt it for both large and small retail purchases. 

She holds a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard University. Apart from that, she was a teacher at Stanford and Yale University. Her contribution to the blockchain space is highly valuable. 

3. Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis happens to be the co-developer and co-founder of  CountmyCrypto. It is a Crypto portfolio tracker established in 2014. Her studies involved University College London, from where she completed her graduation with second class honors in economics. 

Rhian happens to be the co-host of London Women when it comes to Bitcoin. Her blog Medium contains her writings about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Other than that she offers blockchain training and consultancy Services. She is also the instructor for the course B9Lab Ethereum Quality Assurance Engineer. 

4. Galia Benartzi

Galia Benartzi is a graduate of John Hopkins University. She was in the batch of 2005 and happens to be a professional in the field of business and economics. Being a co-founder of Bancor, she heads the business development department. It happens to be a firm that has developed a decentralized liquidity network concerning the development of Smart Contracts.

The organization wants the way people share and develop value. It is because it ensures continuous on-chain liquidity within blockchain-based assets. The company protocol facilitates smart contracts in connecting with liquidated networks. It is for constant liquidity within the ecosystem. With the support of Galia, the company raised the highest initial coin offering. 

5. Piper Moretti

Piper Moretti happens to be the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group. It is an organization in Los Angeles specializing in carrying out real estate transactions with crypto. She happens to be a licensed Global luxury realtor at one of the biggest luxury realistic brokerages in the world. It is Christie’s International Luxury Real Estate. 

Having a profound hunger for the cryptocurrency sphere, the entrepreneur in her is one of a kind. She also is an advisor at CPROP and Block66. There she assists clients in selling and finding properties utilizing Crypto in and outside Los Angeles. 

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6. Manju Mohan

Completing her graduation from Western University, Manju Mohan has experience as an implementer and strategist in the field of blockchain technology. She happens to be the co-founder and co-CEO of Ionixx Technologies. 

Ionixx Technologies happens to be a full spectrum development organization. They work with fast growth organizations and startups as a tech execution partner. Application of blockchain technology to the educational certificate verification procedure happens to be one of its most recent projects with Manju’s assistance. It is helpful for businesses and recruitment managers. 

7. Elizabeth McCauley

The contribution of Elizabeth McCauley to the mass adoption of Bitcoin within the United States happens to be unparalleled. Serving as a staff assistant and intern to the United States congressmen, Elizabeth is a graduate in political science from Wheaton College. 

Until March 2018, Elizabeth happened to be a member of the board of directors at the Bitcoin Foundation. Presently, she is a marketing and business development consultant for blockchain at numerous organizations. Apart from that, she works as an advisor at the Coin Congress and BitGive Foundation. 

8. Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim happens to be a managing partner at Spark Change Capital and an executive director of Stellar Lumens. Enthusiastic about the blockchain potential on the international stage, she utilizes it as a tool for tackling inequality at the base and empowering the unbanked. 

Being an expert in the space of cryptocurrency, Joyce has served numerous crypto platforms for governmental organizations, banks, and the United Nations. She advises numerous initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency-related projects. Other than that, she devotes time as an attorney for assisting domestic violence victims and immigrant families. 

9. Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet happens to be the executive director of JP Morgan and Chase’s blockchain center of excellence. Working on blockchain technology within a bank, Amber is one of the actual synergists in the blockchain world. She is likely to be essential to bridging the bank and crypto world, thereby aiding mass adoption. 

Other than that, Amber speaks up fluently regarding inclusivity problems, thereby making the blockchain world entirely accessible. Learning to code from the age of 11, she also won the title of the most influential woman in blockchain 2017. 

10. Fahima Anwar

Fahima Anwar happens to be the director of marketing and communications for IVEP. She is also a senior director in global marketing and communications at Dubtokens. It is a Canada-based organization leading to the immutability of blockchain technology to the challenging industry of media engagement metrics. 

Fahima Anwar is also a content strategist with more than 8 years of experience in e-commerce technology and marketing with a notable interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. She founded the largest influential conference in Canada known as Spark Sessions. Purposefully building her team to approximately 90% female, she looks forward to deliberately disrupting the developing lack of diversity in the crypto movement. 

Final Words

Women are turning out to make huge impacts on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. They are forging paths for additional women to get engaged in the industry. they certainly will possess a considerable part to play in the crypto and blockchain revolution. 

Lately, women in tech-related fields have been dramatically less than men. However, it doesn’t indicate that it will remain that way. Having the right people is the key to any successful business industry. Only the perfect teams can help you achieve success in developing the best products and services for clients in an ideal manner. 

Knowledge is something that drives the blockchain industry, leading to maturity, thereby bringing growth. It is essential for the technology to be regulated and adopted properly. It is one of the reasons why this present trend of the emergence of women entrepreneurs in cryptocurrency and blockchain needs to be encouraged. 

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