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Turkey To Implement a Blockchain Based Digital Identity Application In E-Government

Fuat Oktay, the Vice President of Turkey declared that a digital identity application underpinned by blockchain technology will be introduced to the e-Government.

Blockchain technology is a part of our everyday life. The technology has largely been recognised and implemented in several industries from logistics, to banking, health to finance, and has now finally found its ground in the e-Government. Moreover, the Digital Turkish Lira Project, the virtual identity application was introduced recently by the vice president.

Vice president of Turkey, Fuat Oktay was a speaker at the Digital Turkey 2023 meeting where he provided details about digital wallets and identity. The new application built on state of the art blockchain technology will revolutionize the e-Government. With the digital identity platform, the e-government will be a high-end secure platform.

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Access to a Virtual Wallet and Digital Identity For E-Government

The Central Bank of Turkey’s Digital Turkish Lira Network successfully carried out the first payment transactions a few days ago. The efforts were successful and shortly after that, a new application was introduced in the country.

As the Vice President announced, the virtual identity will be developed with the support of blockchain technology to provide transparency, and security with easy access to several areas.

In the era of virtual identity, the E-Government has matured from the online platform to an offline platform. The new transition will enable the users to keep their information safe on smart gadgets.

However, the features of the virtual identity platform does not end there. As per the details provided by Fuat Oktay, several operations such as roll call, military service, dispatch and summons can also be conducted in the new application system.

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Wrapping Up

While the world is gradually adopting cryptocurrencies as digital assets, Turkey announced utilizing blockchain technology underpinned digital identity, and wallet for e-government.

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