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US Universities Stress on Blockchain Courses Amid Surge in Crypto Jobs

Blockchain is no longer just the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies. Over the past decade, it has emerged as a reckoning force, an advanced technology that has disrupted all major industries reforming legacy systems along the way. 

With a surge in the number of blockchain projects across verticals, there is a high demand for skilled developers in the job market at present. As per a recent report, it is one of the most sought-after skills in 2020 and industry players are in the look-out for skilled and dedicated professionals. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth an economic downturn globally, the job market has cited a surge in blockchain jobs amid the crisis. The reason behind that might be the deployment of several DLT projects, a spike in crypto trading, and an increase in the popularity of crypto and blockchain gaming platforms. Companies catering to those particular areas need a skilled workforce now more than ever so that the blockchain industry can thrive past the pandemic. 

The demand for blockchain professionals has been growing for some time now, which has attracted the attention of US universities. A significant percentage of the student population are interested in learning about blockchain and join the industry. To suffice that demand, leading universities are stressing on blockchain courses and broadening the scope of learning. 

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If we go by statistics, then in the current year it has been found that more than 56 percent of educational institutions around the world offer blockchain and crypto-related courses. There has been a 42 percent rise in such courses since 2018. 

As all the major companies in the world shift their focus to the blockchain, the demand for skilled workforce will rise even more. 

Increased Job Opportunities for the Upcoming Generation

The surge in blockchain courses attests to its popularity in the job market and gives hope for better career opportunities for the upcoming generation. American universities like MIT, Stanford, Portland State University, University of California, Santa Barbara, and significant others offer blockchain and crypto courses. 

Portland State University

Portland State University’s Blockchain in Business Lab course teaches the students about the business aspects of CLT development. Recently, the university concluded two courses that were completed by 21 students. The program attempts to provide the student with in-depth knowledge about blockchain and its potential. These are lab-style courses that allow the students to have a hands-on experience of how to create a working DLT platform that can execute real transactions. 

The professors guide the student through a thorough and step by step module that focuses on building and deployment of blockchain in a comprehensive manner. Workable blockchain applications and instructional sessions on DApps along with smart contract creation, all get covered under the program. 

Since blockchain technology is fairly novel, there are lots of fear and myths surrounding it. The course module is designed in a way to counter those popular criticisms, through demonstration via a workable application and a hands-on approach. 

UC Santa Barbara & University of California 

Both universities are part of the non-profit organization, Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, that is dedicated to imparting knowledge on the technology. They have respective courses on blockchain and crypto that are designed so that students get a detailed idea of the subject. The universities have tie-ups with multiple organizations that offer students internship opportunities so that they can have practical experience. 

Stanford University

Stanford University’s blockchain course has a comprehensive take on the technical overview of the technology rather than engineering aspects of it. The course is designed so the students get acquainted with the core concepts of the technology. The approach is more holistic which focuses on how blockchains work and their fundamental applications in different sectors. Blockchain pioneers are invited to share their insight on the technology and its future possibilities in shaping the digital world.  

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Other major universities in the USA have similar programs and the ones that don’t are working on introducing blockchain and crypto courses. 

According to market research, students who join the industry post completion of a blockchain course, have a greater advantage. Even while looking for a job, they have a higher chance of getting picked up by the big companies, who are looking for skilled professionals, or the ones who are working on their DLT pilot project. Even the start-ups need young people in the technical team who have a clear concept of working on a blockchain.  

Therefore, students who are enrolled under these courses, have better chances of landing a job quicker than the others, considering the job market and skillset demands.   

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