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HashCash’s White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Open for Trial Invitation to Finance Firms

Global blockchain development company HashCash Consultants extends invitations to major financial institutions for a trial of its cryptocurrency exchange platform software. The SegWit enabled software integrates DB encryption, AI, P2P crypto trading, front-end KYC, and more into a comprehensive UI suitable for brokerage firms and financial institutions dealing in cryptocurrency.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Trial

HashCash founder and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury explains, “HashCash presents an opportunity for financial institutions and enterprises to launch upgraded products and services keeping up with the diversifying business and investment models or simply installing an alternative payment and liquidity platform.” 

Aimed towards banks, forex, brokerage, and insurance institutions- the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is used across 5 continents. It has reaped accolades worldwide on the basis of performance and support. HashCash themselves are global frontrunners in blockchain development. 

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Crypto Exchange and HashCash

“The HashCash product warps concept and technology to produce a design ‘growth engine’ for alternative business and investment ideas. The proof lies in the performance graph of Bitcoin,” quipped Chowdhury.

HashCash provides an all-in-one platform solution to firms and exchanges dabbling in cryptocurrency transfer and withdrawals. The comprehensive solution encompasses all activities associated with crypto exchanges. Popular altcoins are already listed in the PayBito exchange, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, HCX, and more. Also, the platform provides options for additional aggregators and speeds up fiat currency purchases.  

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Expert R&D and Maintenance

HashCash curates the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange product with a team of experts from diverse sectors. The HashCash team consists of professionals from Banking systems, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. The product is compatible with smartphones and is available for download in iOS or Android app stores. The crypto exchange solution provided by HashCash is easy to use, affordable and maintains the highest standards in security.


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