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“25% Of People likely To Spend One Hour Everyday On Metaverse By 2026” Gartner Reports

Worldwide technological research and consulting firm, Gartner conducted research that suggests, that 25% of the people by 2026 are likely to spend at least one hour every day on metaverse for work, entertainment, social media, shopping, or education purposes. 

Metaverse: A New Destination For Tech Enthusiasts

The Vice President of Gartner, Marty Resnick asserts, many dealers are already assembling a platform for users to imitate lives in virtual worlds. He further added that various activities are conducted in different environments, like buying a plot in digital land and attending digital classrooms. In the end, these events will take place in metaverse in one single environment, with various locations across technologies. 

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Metaverse To Build A Global Economy On NFTs and Crypto

Gartner distinguishes the metaverse as a virtual space shared and created by the confluence of digital and physical reality. The platform is a persistent, platform that provides an improved immersive experience. It also makes anonymous devices accessible through different device types from head-mounted displays to tablets.

Since there are not one vendor building and buying space in met averse, Gartner suggests the possibility of having a virtual economy based on nonfungible tokens and digital currencies. The metaverse platform is likely to impact every industry in that the customers interact on a daily basis.

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Metaverse: A Future Platform For Business Activities

Metaverse may impact how future problems resolve. Businesses may develop a better connection, collaboration, and engagement with their employees with its alluring workspace, in digital office spaces.

Industries will not require their own brick and mortar anymore as the metaverse platform will help to provide a virtual framework that may as well work as an office space. Moreover, over the last eighteen months, digital events have received huge popularity and offer centralized company opportunities and workshops.

Marty Resnick quoted that the companies will be allowed to enhance and expand their business models in unusual ways after shifting to metaverse platforms from digital business. According to Gartner’s research, by 2026, 30% of the world’s businesses and organizations will have their services and products ready to be sold on metaverse.

In Conclusion

The adoption of metaverse technologies is developing yet fragmented. Worldwide tech research firm, Gartner alerts businesses on investing exclusively in specific metaverse platforms. The Vice President of Gartner, Resnick concluded that it is not possible to identify the platforms that are viable on metaverse in the long term. However, it is the responsibility of project managers to learn, prepare and explore the meta-universe and stance themselves in the global competition.

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