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DURGA PUJA in Kolkata Enters Metaverse After Making it o the List of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

“Metaverse” has been a buzzword in the market for quite some time. While many large businesses are still in the process of accepting the decentralized social platform, Kolkata’s famous Durga Pujo which was recently added to UNESCO’s list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”, entered the world of Metaverse and created a computer-stimulated 3D environment that will offer people a virtual experience of four major community pujas. They can not only visualize, but interact and connect with other pandal hoppers and even click “selfies”. 

An Initiative By Indian Startup “”, a 3D platform was developed for this purpose that allows the visitors to enter a virtual world and share a social area where people from around the globe join a place from the comfort of their homes. 

The initiative was taken up by “XP&D”, an Indian startup, its form “Spatial”, and its group company “Metaform”. The platform will be open on Thursday and for free, to give people a revolutionary experience. 

The visitors can experience four major community Durga pujas two from the northern side of the city, and two from the south. These are “Tallah Prattoy”, “Ahiritola Sarbojonin” from the north, and “Ballygunj Cultural Association”, and “Deshapriya Park” from the south. 

The co-founder of XP&D, Mr. Sukrit Singh quotes that “the twinning of the biggest festival of devotion and metaverse is a historical event”. He also informed the company’s plan of working with over a hundred puja pandals in the coming year, as he quotes, “that every pandal in future will have a metaverse twin for the public to experience the virtual reality and enjoy with the same vibe, sitting back home”.

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A WEB3 Experience Awaits You!

Starting off by visiting the puja pandals virtually, the users can voice chat with each other, and create a meta-realistic of themselves within minutes of entering the platform. The platform is accessible from smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Virtual Reality headsets, to provide the best top-notch experience. 

The co-founder of Metaform, Suveer Bajaj informed that the project will help to disseminate the new Web3-based technologies such as virtual reality, Non-Fungible Tokens, and blockchain technology. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are formed under cryptographic technology and underpinned by blockchain architecture, and cannot be duplicated. 

Mr. Bajaj quotes, “Although we keep the experience free this year, from next year, we are planning to introduce a monetization”. The software professional from Germany of Indian origin, Mr. Asish Sen quotes, “Although I won’t be able to attend Durga puja in Kolkata this year, the new metaverse project will help me connect to my family and relatives with a surreal experience”. 

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In Conclusion

While the entire world is transitioning from web2 to web3, Kolkata is soon going to experience a glimpse of the future, and what it will look like for social addicts, and technology fanatics.

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