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7 Blockchain & Crypto Predictions for 2023

Are the cryptocurrencies going to plummet, soar, or trick the investors for the unenforceable future? Will the bitcoin prices continue to plunge or will the coin hold stable ground in the coming years?

2023 is all about taking important decisions regarding regulations in the crypto industry. The industry flourished over the years and reached its peak in 2021, November. However, 2022 has been the most tumultuous year for cryptocurrencies. The series of shockwaves has forced major exchanges to lay off employees and even lost investor confidence. 

The extremely volatile crypto market can change the game at any moment. Now that we are in a starring spell with the nascent industry, the bad practices, and the frauds are largely eliminated from the sector. On the other hand, the underpinned state-of-the-art blockchain technology is however adopted in different industries for its transparency, traceability, and immutability. Now that 2022 is ending, investors are guessing what awaits the industry in 2023. Here we have assembled the top blockchain and crypto predictions for 2023. 

Top Blockchain and Crypto Predictions for 2023

While the blockchain industry is growing at an exponential rate, the crypto industry has been down since the beginning of 2022. What future awaits the industry is a huge question. Here, we have assembled the top seven predictions for 2023 made by experts. 

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Ethereum Might Top the List of Next Bull Run in 2023

After ten years, if we take a look at the most the eventful year of 2022, the news won’t be the stupidity of the Celcius network or the FTX collapse, but the Ethereum merge to Proof-of-Stake. It will continue to e the most omnipresent layer 1. A series of developments in the [rotocol level has developed a vortex of development, innovation, capital, and users. 

According to experts, in 2023 Ethereum will be the widely developed, adopted, and capital-heavy layer 1 blockchain. Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin genesis in 2009, the Ethereum merge has been the greatest event in the industry. The important developments of Ethereum will emerge in 2023, which will attract huge capital and adoption like a flywheel effect and might place the network on top of the upcoming bull run.

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Open Opportunities For Ethereum By Staking Innovation

In 2022, Ethereum successfully merged with Proof-of-Stake. The utility of Ethereum as a network for staking innovation will expand, and create a new crypto curve. After the merger of the Ethereum network, it is now the largest capital base on any blockchain network, with the largest stake of $20 billion. Following the merger, the industry witnessed significant growth through projects such as Obol, and Lido. while Obol provides a distributed validator technology, the Lido enables liquid staking. 

In 2023, the industry will observe innovation and growth in ETH staking as the capital looks for secure yields, and the ability to predict future updates in case of withdrawals. An innovative staking project of ETH is the “EigenLayer”. The project offers “security as a service” to oracles, roll-ups, and bridges. The EigenLayer permits these projects to utilize the staked security of Ethereum to complement or supplement the security shared by native tokens. The project plans to launch a re-staking protocol in 2023. 

FED to Stage The Set For Next Crypto Bull Run in 2023

Experts suggest that FED might advocate peace and set the stage for the next bull run in the crypto industry in 2023. By the second quarter of 2023, it is hoped that the FED will stop raising the interest rates, and step away from its hawkish policies. Credit card debts are at highs, while savings are at incredible lows. We can also witness better macroeconomic conditions such as the fall of Brent crude oil prices, and rates for shipping containers, which have not taken place since the pandemic of covid-19. 

The worldwide economy needs a jump-start, and once FED relaxes its importance, it will ease off the interest hikes. the experts also predict that there will be significant progress made in the crypto regulations sector. This means the risky environment of the extremely volatile crypto industry will be accompanied by clear rules. Overall, this environment will enable FED to set the stage for the big crypto bull run in 2023. 

Washington DC: The Next Crypto Hotspot

With the progress in crypto regulations, Washington DC is predicted to become the hotspot for the crypto industry in 2023. The economic disasters of centralized finance in 2022 were due to insufficient governance, poor risk management, potential fraud, and incomplete audits. In 2023, policymakers make the protection of consumers a top priority. 

The majority of the new policies that will pop up in 2023 will be surrounding stablecoins and centralized exchanges. Exchanges such as Coinbase might be forced to be the G-SIFI regulated platforms which will increase their costs for regulatory compliance. Washington DC is considered to be the hot seat for the most important and controversial conversations regarding the crypto industry in 2023. 

Federal Reserve Chartered Banks Will Offer Crypto Services

The banks that will be chartered by the Federal Reserve will offer crypto services to its customers. The oversight council of financial stability is planning to evolve the regulations for consumer protection and open opportunities for technological advancement in an effort to develop secure and robust global platforms. 

One such example is VaultLink. The Digital Value Transfer Rail allows banks to offer services on crypto assets such as staking, exchange, custody, and more. It will also enable the banks with real-time payments following regulatory compliance, and offer digital value transfers. The plans of VaultLink for 2023 are to continue serving as a leader in the working group of the Federal Reserve and collaborate with the banking agencies to access crypto services. 

Increase the Utility of Non-Fungible Tokens

As we move past the Jpeg era, NFTs will grow more commercial, personalized, and nuanced. Similarly, the blue-chip jpeg NFTs might become a multi-billion dollar asset in 2023. The web3 ecosystem in 2023 will move past the jpeg NFT class that ruled the industry for over two decades represented by ten thousand zero utility art and pfp projects. The first thing that came to mind with NFTs was digital art. However, as the technology is advancing, the NFT asset class is emerging leaving past its previous use cases. 

Commercial beasts like Starbucks are already exploring the alternate use cases of NFTs. while several other companies are eagerly waiting for new updates from big brands using NFTs as reward points. Mojito is a web3 project that has started its evolution and is powering the creators and brands that are looking forward to exploring the personalized use of NFTs. the new concept of “Phygital” will emerge in 2023, where if any teenager buys a sneaker, then the person will also receive a digital receipt of their avatar in the metaverse. 

2023 Will Emerge With The Development of the DeFi Industry

The new crypto developments that are emerging in the industry are decentralized autonomous organizations ad decentralized finance. According to experts, these are the highest growth areas of the crypto industry. To recreate traditional financial products without the need for banks or other third parties is the primary aim of “Decentralized Finance”. In 2021, around $200 billion was invested in DeFi projects. The demand is, however, expected to grow in the coming years. Experts suggest that the investors are looking forward to profiting in smaller areas and are keeping a close eye on Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot coins. 

In Conclusion

2023 will be an interesting year for the crypto industry. Crypto regulations, global adoption, and a bull run are highly expected and predicted by experts. So far, 2023 is predicted to be a great year for blockchain and crypto.

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