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Adopting Blockchain Technology For Smart Policing Solutions

Crime occurs everywhere around us, and it is the responsibility of the city police to apprehend criminals and prevent illegal activities. Crime fighting as a profession is an effective approach as it requires a strong commitment. Therefore, many cities are looking forward to a smart policing system that is strong and reasonable. Blockchain technology has emerged as an effective solution for various industries due to its transparency, trust, immutability, and storage. The potential of the technology has caught the attention of the crime departments to improve efficiency, and transparency in policing.

The Vision Behind ‘Smart Policing Solution’

Blockchain technology has revolutionized several industries, including education, insurance, healthcare, banking, etc. The technology has grabbed the attention of the crime department of various cities as a potential solution to prevent crimes and bring transparency to streamline criminal investigations. 

Artificial Intelligence, advanced biometric recognition systems, body-worn cameras, cryptocurrency analytics, drones, and cloud forensics are used by police from around the globe. It was about time, that blockchain technology came into action.

A smart policing system strives to enhance transparency, faith, responsibility,  safeguarding, and sharing of information and intelligence associating investigations, justice information, and criminal cases among the possessors. Moreover, it will allow the public to communicate with law enforcement agencies and opt for services. 

Why Are Crime Departments Keen to Implement Smart Police Solution?

The post-pandemic economic turmoil has intensified crimes at an alarming rate. The smart policing solutions will help to prevent crimes through instant interaction, and coordination between states, and law enforcement firms. Here are some reasons why crime departments are keen to implement smart policing solutions.

  • A huge gap in the police population ratio.
  • The impossible interaction and coordination of the police from the location of criminal activities.
  • Tampering evidence behind investigations.
  • Lack of communication between states and law enforcement agencies.
  • Tampered forensic reports, and evidence.
  • Lack of transparency and delay in reports. 

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Indian Crime Departments Partners With Blockchain Development Firms  

Goa Police with 5ire Blockchain Solutions

Lately, various Indian states like Goa police have taken the initiative to partner with 5IRE, blockchain technology to implement smart policing solutions. The partnership aims to build a public-private relationship and implement a smart policing solution to improve efficiency and transparency in policing. 

This will help to tighten the procedure and also share all the events with the associated stakeholders. The crime departments will help to make the transition to smart policing by using the latest technologies like blockchain and making all the offline systems digitized. The technology will record all the official activities which will help the public to trace records and check gathered evidence. The state police aim to make the process efficient and environment friendly.  

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Muzaffarpur Police to Deploy Smart Policing Solutions

Similarly, Muzaffarnagar police have adopted a smart policing solution and the two are working together to leverage the technology and build smart solutions to create a robust policing system that enhances public access, transparency, accountability, and communication with law enforcement agencies. 

The police will run pilot tests to evaluate the efficiency and compatibility of the technology with the present scenario. Some of the areas which will outperform with the technology are evidence-based solutions, the use of AI in investigations, immutable records, and traffic control. One of the important elements that the technology will bridge between police and the public is ‘trust’.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain is the next-gen technology that will transform the work environment, by making it transparent, robust, and intelligent. The technology has already transformed various industries and has huge potential in implementing ‘smart policing solutions. India has already adopted the technology making it easier for the public to avail of arms licenses, passports, and other certificates.

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