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Blockchain Pioneer and Crypto Enthusiast Raj Chowdhury Eyes on Asian Markets

Global blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury looks forward to exploring the Asian market, thereby aiming to work conjointly with various Indian Enterprises by offering them blockchain products and services. He recognizes the opportunity of the post covid benefits of the Asian market, and with many other investors across the world, keeps a tab on the market progress, thereby looking forward to seizing the opportunity. 

The Asian Crypto Market

When the Crypto market of Asia is considered, countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea remain the market pioneers with profound pools of liquidity. Apart from that, Asia is usually being dominated by bigger trades with approximately 90% of overall volumes above $10,000. 

Owing to this, the Bitcoin professional intends to engage in numerous short-term treads beyond the wide assortment of Crypto assets. It highlights the chance of the Indian Crypto market to possibly scale, hence making Raj Chowdhury invest in the market for tapping the opportunities of the post covid boom cycle. 

Raj Chowdhury’s Perspective 

Asia practically represents 50% of the advanced resource exchanging, and it remains home to 6 of the 10 biggest crypto unicorns, thereby making the CEO of HashCash Consultants tap the maximum of the growing Crypto market. According to Raj Chowdhury, his professionals are working hand-in-hand with numerous Indian Enterprises, hence looking forward to assisting them with better blockchain services and products amid the Asian market growth after covid. 

Recent Updates and Upcoming Anticipations 

Earlier at the beginning of 2020, under the authority of the blockchain expert Raj Chowdhury, HashCash Consultants approximately invested 10 million dollars within the Indian Crypto market. As an expert on blockchain and cryptocurrency, Raj Chowdhury additionally expects a lot from the prospective Indian budget of 2021

As far as the Indian budget of 2021 is concerned, it might serve to be a pool to legalize cryptocurrency transactions at a wider range with numerous trade opportunities in the future, hence pointing to a surge in blockchain users. Recently, HashCash, being under Raj Chowdhury’s leadership, has collaborated with a leading exchange in Singapore to assist them with Crypto trading bot software. 

Apart from that, his company has also contributed to the recent developments in the blockchain sphere. HashCash successfully collaborated with a bank in the UAE to help them with blockchain digital identity solutions. Above all, Asia happens to be responsible for cryptocurrency trading throughout half of the world, and investors like Raj Chowdhury are looking forward to seizing the most from the developing market. 


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