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HashCash’s Blockchain Solutions to Act as a Game Changer in the Trade Finance Industry

Blockchain pioneer HashCash Consultants aims to fortify the landscape of trade finance globally, thereby simplifying the existing processes within the trade finance industry, thereby improving global transparency. 

Aim of HashCash Consultants for the Trade Finance Industry

HashCash aims to venture on modernizing the trade finance industry with the help of its effective solutions along with applications of blockchain. The company, discovering repose within the trade finance industry, intends to eliminate fraud and disputes, hence facilitating the trade asset movement transparency. When applied on a worldwide basis, the solutions of HashCash can reduce the chances of money laundering and terror funding linked with the industry of trade finance. 

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How Can the Trade Finance Industry Benefit from HashCash’s Solutions?

With the implementation of HashCash’s solutions, the industry of trade finance can aim to reap the benefits of flourishing blockchain applications. Apart from that, their solutions intend towards payment certainty and seamless delivery, hence easing the flow of trade receivables resulting in enhanced collaboration, automation, and trade oversight. 

What Does the CEO think?

From the perspective of the CEO of HashCash Consultants, HashCash is aiming towards the successful application of innovative blockchain solutions in the trade finance industry, thereby intending to simplify processes like payment instrument digitization, trade asset tokenization, and payment method automation. 

HashCash’s professionals are working forward to conduct all transactions ranging from initial trade to the end settlement over blockchain, hence making the processes traceable and transparent throughout. With the help of distributed ledger and blockchain technology, HashCash reduces fraud and assists in enhancing the transparency of the overall trade finance industry. 

Recent Achievements of HashCash

As far as the recent achievements of the organization is concerned, the organization partnered with a Global US-based diamond supply chain organization to assist them in launching their initial coin offering. Apart from that, they have also collaborated with major oil corporations in order to help them with innovative blockchain solutions, hence intending for a transparent supply chain. HashCash aims to eliminate paperwork with digitization, and looks forward to easing the tracking and sharing of documents among counterparties. Lately, HashCash has also partnered with a US-based Bank to assist them with financing their corporate trade thereby intending for reducing the business complexities and seamlessly combining with the core processes of ERPs of corporates and banks. 


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