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Blockchain Tokenization in Real Estate Asset Management

The global real estate market is adapting to new-age technology for various functions. Tokenization, smart contracts,  immutability, transparency- the intrinsic blockchain features are becoming increasingly useful for real estate businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.

Alternative Investment Funds: The Liechtenstein Story

The financial market authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein recently approved the AARGOS Global Real Estate Fund, acknowledging it as an alternative investment fund   (AIF). The national authority will be regulating and monitoring the first tokenized real estate fund of its kind.

Token development takes place on the ETH platform. Each token represents their owner’s stake in the AARGOS fund. The project has been developed by a collaboration of Vaduz-based financial services provider, the Bank Frick; and is powered by solutions from a blockchain development firm. The real estate investment fund fulfills all existing regulations, accepting investments only from participants who comply with anti-money laundering laws.

Real Estate Opportunities for Blockchain Incorporation

Public blockchains open up newer scopes of investment for financial institutions. It empowers them with centralized fund control for protecting investments from market manipulation. Token development on the Ethereum network helps the institutions with effective integration into the upcoming decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. 

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Public and Private Blockchains

Blockchain projects may highlight the merits of decentralization. But, it is necessary to accept that there are advantages behind centralization too- at least in the beginning. Over time, people will figure out the number of lost opportunities in centralized platforms. Public blockchains currently in competition with the private ones will gain significant market presence over time, revolutionizing the present financial ecosystem.

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HashCash: Blockchain Innovation in Real Estate

HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, have already developed real estate exchange solutions that allow participants to invest in global real estate with multiple cryptocurrency options, including bitcoin. The US-based organization also offers additional blockchain-powered real estate solutions including a platform for real estate tokenization. Business enterprises can also incorporate cutting-edge white label crypto exchange solutions for real estate.

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Final Words

The importance of blockchain and decentralized finance is simply irrefutable and indisputable. Further advancements will result in the proliferation of blockchain and crypto projects in real estate and finance. The rising global adoption of new-age will drive more businesses to utilize blockchain and reap the benefits of P2P transactions, tokenization, immutable mortgage, and property documentation.

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