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HashCash Chief Optimistic on Rising Humanitarian Use of DAO and NFTs

Blockchain pioneer and HashCash founder Raj Chowdhury expects an increase in blockchain adoption for philanthropy in the near future. Decentralization remained a key to the success of DAO, metaverse, NFTs, web 3.0, and other blockchain innovations throughout 2021. A significant portion of them were devoted to charity.

DAO and NFTs for Humanity

DAOs utilize the absence of a hierarchical structure by operating on the principles declared within smart contracts. In terms of implementation, several charitable blockchain projects make use of these encoded contracts for digital asset accumulation and pool funding. Examples include projects for decentralized streaming, freelance job portals, medical and space research. A DAO blockchain collected funds exceeding USD 40 million to buy an ultra-rare print of the American Constitution at Sotheby’s, albeit unsuccessfully.

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CEO Speak

Chowdhury states, “Blockchain, like any other technological innovation in history, was designed to improve the quality of living. Decentralization and peer-to-peer networking foster a spirit of collaboration and commitment to change things for the better.”

Crypto Charity Projects

A growing conscious unity is driving crypto users into collaborating and contributing to improving the current world scenario. Blockchain DAO and NFT projects are working towards collecting funds for cancer research, suicide prevention, environment protection, alleviation of poverty, and more. Global organizations like UNICEF and the American Red Cross accept crypto donations for quite some time. 

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Blockchain Innovations for A Better Tomorrow

Led by Chowdhury, HashCash Consultants has been actively participating in developing solutions for combatting drug fraudulence and space research. The US-based blockchain specialists are regular participants in projects enhancing financial inclusion across Africa, affordable remittance, and vaccine distribution in addition to removing child labor practices. 

“The growth in technological progress along with pandemic losses is steering a collective force into working towards the social and economic upliftment of people worldwide,” concluded Chowdhury. 

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Final Words

Trendsetting blockchain innovations including DAO, crypto, metaverse and NFTs are making headlines in global business along with making collaborative efforts to make the world a better place.


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