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Child Malnutrition is a Global Concern: Can PayBito’s “Earn More to Feed More” Campaign Turn the wheels?

One of the major global problems to solve today is “malnutrition”, which will only worsen given the rise of hunger and undernutrition that children suffer from. “Hunger” is one of the major problems in several countries today. While the world is just recovering from the wrath of the covid pandemic, the already suffering 10% population is still struggling with global conflicts, inequity, poverty, and climatic conditions such as family, drought, and more. Did you know that 700 children around the world die of poor hygienic conditions, dirty water, and malnutrition every day? PayBito Chief Raj Chowdhury plans to take immediate action and start contributing something to eradicate hunger and save the future of tomorrow. 

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“45% Of Children Under Five Die Due to Malnutrition”

The improper functions of the global food chain system have made it unavailable, and inaccessible for the hungry to be fed. The Director of Nutrition for Health and Department, Dr. Francesco Branca states, “there is enough food for the world, yet millions of people die of hunger due to the lack of access to the right foods”. He further adds, “Malnutrition is a complex disease, and it is the primary cause of disease and death among children in the world”. The best way to start is by understanding what the problem is, and where the countries are lagging behind. Severe malnutrition can cause excesses, and deficiencies, caused by an imbalance of nutritious foods. This is especially observed in children under five years. 

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Malnutrition: A Global Problem 

The economic, social, developmental, and medical impact of malnutrition is serious and lasts for a long period among children, and families. 149 million children under the age of five are too short for their age, 45 million are too thin for their height, and 38.9 million are suffering from obesity due to severe malnutrition. Here’s the famous story of Munni covered by a renowned newspaper that shows how India has been hit by Malnutrition and it is only getting worse every year. 

Assigned by the government, an Anganwadi worker was visiting every household for children screening which was a part of her daily activities when she came across Munni who was suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Day (VHSND) confirmed her situation. After a thorough checkup, she was a part of a program and received immediate medical attention and nutritious foods. Munni’s mother had to undergo counseling to make the living conditions better and hygienic. After eight weeks of thorough checks and enough food sources, Munni recovered from her state. We can deduct two things from the story. First, Munni was recognized, and with the proper treatment she recovered, second, she was able to access nutritious food from the government. With little help, a child was saved from death. 

How Can Crypto Brokers Bring Change?

Almost every country around the world is affected by malnutrition in different forms. It is important to take action and show compassion towards the needy. PayBito’s “Earn more to feed more” campaign is for crypto brokers. The platform has taken an initiative to spend the exact amount of money that the brokers earn as commission as brokers of the platform. This money will be used to help the needy around the world and provide them with nutritious meals. PayBito has recognized that poverty, inequity, climatic conditions, conflict, and the lack of food accessibility are growing hunger crises around the world, leading children to suffer from severe malnutrition, and even death. 

PayBito has recently introduced the world’s first ever crypto broker platform for brokers, which allows them to start their own business with a readymade exchange solution, and a branded exchange with over four hundred crypto markets, multiple assets, and fiat currencies. The “Earn more to feed more” campaign has led several brokers to join the program. PayBito plans to turn the wheels and change the future by taking action against the most rigorous health condition of “malnutrition” among children. It’s important to kill the hunger and not the hungry. PayBito shares that not only food, but healthy and nutritious food is the answer to eradicating malnutrition as a threat around the world. 

In Conclusion

To eradicate “malnutrition”, governments must conduct awareness campaigns, and provide proper guidelines to avoid the situation in the future. PayBito’s “Earn more to feed more” campaign will help the needy to access nutritious food, and save their children from the side effects of undernutrition. Awareness of the climatic conditions has been circulating the news which has led governments to take immediate measures. Something similar needs to be addressed with the “Global hunger crisis”, to make it a global movement. 

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