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Championing Against Child Starvation With PayBito’s “Brokering To Beat Hunger” Campaign

The first thousand days of a baby are the pillar of his overall development – health, mental ability, cognitive development, emotional development, and more. Imagine the child’s future if he/she spends those 1000 days in chronic hunger. Can a child improve and develop or crumble to become the next generation of poverty when exposed to prolonged starvation and severe malnourishment? With the new “Brokering World Hunger Away” campaign, PayBito promises to make a positive contribution to uniting the crypto community and helping in the fight against child hunger, using the world’s first white-label crypto broker platform. 

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A Prolonged Cycle of Suffering

Unfortunately, child hunger is a cycle. A hungry and malnourished child will have shunted physical, cognitive, and mental growth. It leads to chronic health problems lack of adequate intelligence and physical strength. Lack of education and skills lead to a mediocre job at best, leading to a poor socio-economic status. They would live in poverty and be unable to feed their kids nutritious food. And child hunger leaks into the next generation too.

The only way to reduce child hunger is by closing economic gaps and offering a sustainable good quality of life. The process includes cutting off the root causes of poverty, administering required resources to nullify the adverse effects of chronic hunger, and creating channels of food, distribution, financial stability, and more for a sustained hunger-free tomorrow. 

Governments, NGOs, agencies, large corporates, and in some cases, even foreign governments are taking the initiative in eliminating child hunger. Unfortunately, these are not enough. 

“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.”

-Buzz Aldrin

Why A More Committed Approach Is The Need Of The Hour?

Global Hunger 2016 vs 2020

Source: Global Hunger Index

Comparing 2016 and 2020, there is an increase in mortality rate and stunting. Even if one could argue that there is progress in curtailing child hunger over time, the progress is plodding, and at this rate, it would take several decades before every human in the world goes to bed without hunger. Thus, a drastic change is the need of the hour, and the geometrically progressing donation from PayBito under the Brokering World Hunger Away is the right path.

Brokering World Hunger Away

Unfortunately, child hunger is not a one-time problem. You cannot argue with a hungry child that you fed him just the other day. So, you need funds rushing in every day for supplies to provide the child and research and other aids that can eliminate the root cause of the problem. At present transactions worth $209 billion occur daily in the entire crypto world. PayBito offers to donate every dollar for a dollar made by its registered crypto brokers as a commission.

A commission might sound small and meaningless compared to a significant problem like child hunger. But, PayBito, the white-label crypto broker platform, had a daily trading volume of $2 billion last year and has been consistently growing. The crypto brokers in the platform make 50% in commissions on the trade made by the users recommended to the platform by them. Can you visualize the avalanche effect of donation that the Brokering World Hunger Away can create?

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A Dollar To Dollar For Child Hunger

As mentioned before, it is a progressing donation. The Crypto market is far from being saturated, and millions of new traders enter every year. PayBito is one of the leading and pioneer white-label crypto broker platforms. Thus, the number of brokers and the total commission volume can only shoot up with the increasing crypto trader numbers and demand in crypto trading. 41% of the surveyed individuals in a study (population – 30k) were likely to start investing in this field. 41% is almost half; thus, the commission towards crypto brokers naturally increases, thereby increasing PayBito’s payout for donation.

PayBito: Uniting the Fight Against Global Hunger

What is in this for the crypto brokers? PayBito offers a well-established ecosystem for crypto brokers with an easy-to-use interface, high-end security, up-to-date compliances, multi-currency support, large trading volume, several trading options, liquidity pools, custodial services, crypto banking services, and more. PayBito offers a pedestal for crypto brokers to aid their customers and make a name for them in the market. After all, with more trading, PayBito gets to donate more towards a starving child.

Becoming A Part Of The Cause

PayBito is not sweetening the pot with these campaigns. PayBito is already one of the leading options in the crypto world for budding and established crypto brokers. The platform is riddled with several brokers taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, high liquidity, AML/KYC compliances, and more. The platform also offers a one-month free trial to check the features, facilities, and more. New brokers can become a part of PayBito in three to five working days with minimal documentation and paperwork. 

Wrapping Up

Child hunger is not seasonal or a one-second hype, and so is cryptocurrency. Thus, it is wise to use one to beat the other. PayBito’s new initiative would headstart our community towards a future with zero hunger. Crypto brokers prefer PayBito for its numerous features, trading ease, and more. In addition, the platform offers multiple sources of income generation. So, in the future, the platform would attract thousands of crypto brokers, thereby improving its trade volume and liquidity and increasing donations to child hunger on the other end.

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