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Crypto Growth Monitor Employs AI and Analytics to Address Volatility

The blockchain space is frequently updated with another new innovation on digital ledger technology. Most of those propose a scheme to lock your money in, for a while promising high returns later. However, HashCash Consultants is in favor of developing applications that support the decentralization of the economy which is the seed concept behind blockchain and virtual assets.

HashCash Consultants is a leading developer of blockchain-powered crypto solutions. HashCash is known to contribute to the digital asset space by propagating various innovative concepts, theories, and ideas that may be materialized to better equip the decentralized sphere. 

Crypto Growth Monitor

A ‘Crypto Growth’ monitor application is intended to strain, sort, scan, and analyze millions of news articles generated in a day. AI and analytics tools are in place to effectively churn out a pattern reflecting the current trend in the digital asset space. This application may accurately produce a ‘popularity’ chart on the cryptocurrencies in the market. This may provide an insight predicting the spike and dip in the trajectory of a specific cryptocurrency accepting the fact that news and social media platforms play a decisive role in its growth.

“The effort is directed towards a prior ‘catching of the wind’ so as to allow small investors sufficient time to cope up and buffer any ‘shock’ move in the growth chart of a particular digital asset,” says HashCash Chief and Blockchain Pioneer Raj Chowdhury. So, instead of letting news media drive the crypto, the users may analyze and predict their next move.

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Manipulations on News and Social Media

Chowdhury has, in the past, been vocal about prominent crypto investors exercising their powers and controlling the performance of specific crypto by simply tweeting in favor or otherwise. This has led to panic buying and selling of the digital assets which otherwise could have been more profitable to average investors.

“We strive to establish a decentralization in the global economy. But we’re actually tending towards a ‘re-centralization’ with the control once again passing on to the handful of investors with power,” adds Chowdhury.

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To Conclude

HashCash endeavors to lead on the innovation front and its media section reveal its commitment towards bringing decentralization mainstream. 

The Crypto Growth Monitor is an instrument that studies the trends and gains insight fostering preparedness among the users for new turns in the track. This should substantially reduce anxiety among investors by purchasing time.


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