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Diverse Businesses May ‘Glow’ on the Blockchain Circuit: HashCash

Initially, it was assumed, that the crypto tokens, powered by blockchain, only targeted remittance, fund transfer, and the likes. It was mainly regarded as a financial ‘lever’ or something to do with financial operations involving hefty sums. The general idea that crypto was an instrument of the wealthy or that it was those with power that toyed with the concept prevailed for many years.

It took considerable effort from fintech to broaden the viewership of the digital assets and bring it mainstream.

The Effort

HashCash is one of those blockchain developers and consultants to bust the general concept nursed by the masses. From the number and variety of projects accomplished by HashCash Consultants, it is clear that blockchain applications may be designed to solve a wider range of the world’s problems.

HashCash Consultants, a California-based blockchain development company successfully brings diverse businesses onto the blockchain. HashCash has devised several businesses and business ideas to serve as a ‘backing’ for a utility token. In other words, several utility tokens were designed to represent a tangible production-oriented business. 

“When we started out, we mainly focussed on a range of financial products to tie up to a crypto, although we advocated the concept and proposed its adoption to various industries,” recounts HashCash Chief and Blockchain Pioneer Raj Chowdhury.

“Over the years we have helped link a number of businesses to their own crypto token.”

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HashCash Projects

HashCash has in the past developed cross-border asset transfer applications for several financial and non-financial organizations. HC Remit, a HashCash product has found use across the globe with prominent financial institutions. 

Lately, HashCash has joined forces with several revolutionary business ventures providing technology and support from inception to their launch. These ventures involved devising utility tokens representing a resourceful business idea such as an expanding grocery chain and exotic wine storage facility.

HashCash team has strengthened its resources over the past six months to keep pace with the rise in market opportunities.


Chowdhury explains, that businesses these days pivot their models to be representable through a digital asset. As the earliest proponent and advocate of decentralization, it is a privilege to participate in these ventures.

The transition in business approach has a lot to do with the image of cryptocurrency and organizations, like HashCash, have been instrumental in creating the visibility of the high-yielding prospects.


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