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Crypto Payment Gateway! A New Trend Among US Retailers

Recent years have seen a surge in cryptocurrency adoption among people. In the United States, 75% of the merchants are spending millions of dollars on building crypto payment gateway to improve customer experience and increase customer databases. Large businesses have already started accepting and adopting bitcoins pushing their adoption across various sectors. HashCash Consultants triggers the rise of crypto adoption citing the increase in demand for white label crypto payment processor software among the majority of merchants in the United States. 

Why HashCash Consultants is the First Choice For Crypto Payment Software Solutions?

HashCash Consultants has acquired a global presence with its cutting-edge blockchain technology, powering white label crypto exchange products with high speed, and tight security. Merchants with a customer database around the world can offer an alternative way of accepting crypto payments from their consumers. The solution by HashCash provides extensive features including Pay Now buttons, bitcoin invoicing, ticketing, API integration, an account management interface, and more. 

CEO Speaks

HashCash CEO and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury stated, “The potential of crypto across the payment processing domain is undeniable with fractional transaction processing fees and lower chances of error. Scalability concerns will be short-lived with the increasing usage across multiple sectors of the economy.” 

Reports on Merchants’ Crypto Outlook

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 75% of the present merchants in the United States are intending to deploy their crypto payment processors within the next two years. More than 50% of merchants with a yearly turnover above $500 million have made a minimum budget of $1 million worth budget to build the infrastructure required for the same. 

The survey includes fashion, electronics, digital goods, home & garden, services, food & beverage, and other industries. The majority of retailers with annual revenues between ten to a hundred million dollars are investing somewhere around one million dollars for a crypto payment gateway infrastructure.

Chowdhury added “The crypto payment revolution has already begun with a majority of financial services and payment corporations already dealing with Bitcoin. Other sectors are following suit, and the resulting proliferation will mark the transformation of the global financial scenario”.

A Global Frontrunner in Blockchain and Crypto Innovation

HashCash Consultants is a US-based company known for developing original products based on cutting-edge technology known as Blockchain. It has successfully provided its solutions to twenty-six different countries around the World. The company has also announced its expansion plans of starting a new development center in Dubai. HashCash CEO also announced plans to build a HashCash park in the Bengal silicon valley. The company is also offering a flat 50% discount on its white label crypto exchange software solutions. Although the offer is for a limited time, it provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to start their businesses. HashCash consultants were ranked as the best blockchain development company of 2022 by a worldwide research firm. 

In Conclusion

Cryptocurrency is the future of cross-country payment processing. With the rising acceptance of crypto, many US merchants are planning to adopt crypto payment processing options, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs around the World with business growth in terms of innovation. 


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