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Blockchain Technology-Based Metaverse Make Way For LGBTQ+ Events

Blockchain technology-based NFTs and Metaverse permit people to celebrate Pride month in various ways. Today, various social events and gatherings are taking place in the metaverse. Various companies around the world have initiated the significance of virtue interactions with their clients. Every year, June is celebrated as the Pride month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in 1969. This year, the metaverse platform is used to celebrate various events.

Metaverse Creates Open Access During Pride Month

The coordinator of People of Crypto Lab, Akbar Hamid, devoted his work to representing Web3, and a variety. He also stated to a worldwide research firm that a metaverse is a great option for people to participate in various events that may be deemed objectionable in other real-life scenarios. Hamid mentioned that the 2022 pride month event in the metaverse is free for anyone to join and participate, in from any country.

Even though pride month is celebrated in various countries around the world today, at present, seventy-one countries still did not legalize LGBTQ+. In response to this, the People of Crypto have jointly partnered with the blockchain-based metaverse project, The Sandbox to inaugurate virtual equity, and diversity hub during the month of June. The unique youth headquarters, known as the “Valley of Belongings”, will facilitate people around the World to celebrate.

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Initiatives Taken By The “Valley Of Belongings” For LGBTQ+ Events In the Metaverse

Metaverse will allow us to openly commemorate Pride month of 2022, with a month-long event series involving experience, entertainment, and organized content. The head of Metaverse Pride, and the senior provider of Decentraland, Lara Dias informed a news agency that Metapride land will be proclaiming the Decentraland headquarters to celebrate metaverse pride on June 11th.

Avatars Represent Different Skin Colors

To make the “Valley of Belonging” possible, Simone Berry the co-founder of Public of Crypto, told a news agency that consists of more than eight thousand NFTs avatars that will act for gender, ethnic and sexual individualities. There are over thirty-six skin shades prepared for the avatars while integrating characteristics that commemorate discrepancies like cultural identities, prosthetic limbs, etc. 

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Makeup is Genderless

Yasmin Dastmalchi, the general manager of NYX professional makeup told the news agency that in order to showcase make-up is genderless, all the avatars in the metaverse event will accentuate make-up in the mint that will take place on 17th June. Since the partnership of Sandbox and POC enables different communities to express their true self, the metaverse will become a digital platform for individuality.

New Kissing Emoticon and NFT Certificates

The much-awaited kissing emoticon will finally be inaugurated during the event, allowing avatars to kiss each other and express their emotions towards each other. Moreover, pairs from all sexual exposures can marry each other on the Metaverse platform and obtain NFT certificates for their union.

Is Metaverse Secured?

In 2022, both Decentraland and Sandbox are hosting Pride events to guarantee opportunities for the LGBTQ community and supporters. However, it is crucial to note that the metaverse is still going through challenges regarding security and protection.

Online communities and chat rooms are popular spots for hate speech against sexual minorities and races. Building a metaverse community may be a hotspot for bigotry, racism and misogyny. A researcher of metaverse platform, Horizon world, using an Oculus VR headset reported its avatar being raped in the virtual area.

Metaverse Will Take Pride To The Next Level

The chief operating officer of Sandbox, Sebastian Borget informed a news agency, that the platform has prepared to take safety very seriously, as many more events are planned to be held on the virtual platform. In the sandbox, education on security is crucial while accepting a billion users on Metaverse. The recent coalition of the company with hardware wallet ledger will help to facilitate security in the digital platform.

As Decentraland is a digital platform, the only data available on the platform are wallet addresses and usernames. This helps users to remain anonymous and express themselves in a better way without fear. Moreover, there are various behavioural guidelines set by the Metaverse community to prevent hate speech on the virtual platform.

In Conclusion

Metaverse allows people from around the world and dangerous locations to attend and participate in LGBTQ events. Various NFTs are being launched during pride month, to raise awareness and celebrate the month. Although blockchain technology is the main goal, it is also essential to put a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community.

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