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Crypto Questions: The Top Google Queries on Cryptocurrencies

Google Search Query information offers a fascinating insight into the mindset of the worldwide crypto enthusiast and investor community. Analysts acknowledge that raw data can help in the identification of crypto trader sentiments- their interests and emotions(including fear and panic). The top ten crypto-related searches on Google denote a growing curiosity among the general audience, comprising 2 questions that begin with “Why”, 3 questions that start with “What”, and 5 questions starting with “How”. 

The Top Ten Crypto Queries on Google

Taking the global search volume into account, the top 10 crypto-related search queries on Google, in chronologically descending order, include the following:

  • #1: What is Cryptocurrency?

Since Bitcoin’s 2009 inception, cryptocurrencies have been existing for more than 13 years. Contrary to generic notions, general investors and people all over the world are still curious about the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. “What is cryptocurrency?” remains the most searched crypto-related query with a GV of 256, thousand. Parameters indicate this Google Search eclipses the 2nd best search query by 4.7 times.

The result indicates the potential and scope of crypto education and spreading awareness about digital assets among the general mass, which is something crypto entrepreneurs unanimously agree upon. 

Short Answer: 

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be used to conduct transactions whose records are authenticated and maintained in decentralized blockchain ledgers utilizing cryptography. 

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  • #2: What is Crypto?

Coming in second with a GV of 54,000 is a search query that is practically the reiteration of the top-ranking crypto question. If we combine the results with the top-ranking Google crypto search query, it puts the spotlight once again on the need to educate the general public about cryptocurrencies. 

A question beginning with “What” indicates difficulty in understanding the subject in question. This is why proper knowledge and awareness are the most important components at present for mainstream crypto adoption.

Additional Trivia:

Cryptocurrencies are finding increased uses for cross-border transaction settlements. Both expatriates and large-scale organizations utilize digital assets for international remittance and B2B payments respectively. 

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  • #3: How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

The first question mentioning crypto investment comes at the 3rd position among the most popular Google crypto search queries. The global search volume indicates a score of 44,000. This reflects a consistently growing interest towards investments in crypto markets in spite of high volatility and the long-running bear phase. 

The analytical parameters may also be viewed as an opportunity for simplifying the current crypto investment process. Increasing crypto regulatory frameworks should not deter business enterprises and institutional investors venturing into crypto trading services. They may avail services of top blockchain development companies like the US-based HashCash Consultants. 

Short Answer:

Crypto exchanges or trading platforms are the best way to invest and trade in digital assets. Ensure that the exchange is compliant with the regional crypto laws and regulations, and has sufficient liquidity.

  • #4: What is Crypto Mining?

The 4th question as per Google crypto search values is the logical successor to the line of questions one has when learning about digital assets in depth. The global search value for “What is Crypto Mining?” is 37,000. 

Investors and crypto enthusiasts with a standard level of crypto understanding often venture into mining to generate passive income from digital assets. Recent cutting-edge readymade mining rigs have made crypto mining a viable income source. 

Short Answer: 

The mining process ensures the validity and legitimacy of crypto transactions and adds the records of the transaction to the decentralized blockchain ledger. The miners are awarded crypto tokens as a reward for successful task completion. The process is also the main way for minting new cryptocurrencies into circulation.

  • #5: How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

The fifth ranking Google keyword pertaining to cryptocurrencies has a global search volume of 36,000. This indicates there is considerable global interest in acquiring crypto as an asset for investment. 

The long-running bear markets are, according to seasoned traders, the perfect moment to invest in digital assets. Both seasoned investors and newcomers are working steadily to identify the right investment options for investment, as the markets slowly recover and gather momentum for a subsequent bull run.

Additional Trivia:

Before investing through a crypto exchange ensure that the platform features KYC/AML compliance. Also, beware of assets promising unrealistically high yield returns. Chances are they might be crypto Ponzi schemes.

  • #6: Why is Crypto Crashing?

The long-term impact of the ongoing crypto bear markets has propelled “Why is Crypto Crashing?” into the 6th position of the top Google crypto search rankings with 33000 GV. The year 2022 witnessed several landmark events in the crypto ecosystem including stablecoin crashes wiping billions, failure of major asset management groups, and massive crypto devaluation.

The absence of apparent support and resistance points generated a negative sentiment among crypto investors all around the world. However, geopolitical events and global inflation have pushed the attention back towards Bitcoin as a possible hedge against inflation.

Short Answer: 

Several events including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, worldwide inflation, failure in Terra stablecoin mechanisms, investors withdrawing funds, and the foreclosure of Three Arrows Capital can be cited as factors for the ongoing crypto market crash.

  • #7: How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Interest regarding the internal operations of crypto projects generated public interest following the crypto market crash. This propelled “How does cryptocurrency work?” as the 7th most searched crypto-related keyword on Google, with a global search volume of 27,000.

Knowledge about the internal functions of a crypto project helps in decoding the potential of the crypto project. A crypto investor can use this information to pick and select assets that he/she believes will have greater future potential. This also helps in discovering the potential investment risks, as well as identifying fraudulent crypto projects.

Short Answer:

While there is no comprehensive answer encompassing all assets, crypto projects focus on real-world applications and generate value depending on the success of their objectives and capital raised through fundraising. 

  • #8: Why is Crypto Down?

Persistent disruptions in crypto network services such as Polygon, along with overall devaluation and an overall decrease in market capitalization has led the global crypto wondering- “Why is Crypto Down”? The crypto keyword is currently ranking 8th on the list with a GV value of 21,000.

Several projects across the globe have been forced to limit withdrawals and block their funds. While the reasons are multiple, crypto investors are seeking answers on the online search engine. 

Short Answer:

The negative market sentiment is being primarily driven by an unprecedented surge in blockchain and crypto service shutdowns.

  • #9: How to Create a Cryptocurrency?

Entrepreneurs and enterprises often consider launching their own crypto tokens rather than investing in digital assets made by others. There are over 20000 crypto tokens in existence. They might opt to build a new cryptocurrency altogether. This makes the aforementioned keyword the 9th-most searched crypto-related keyword in Google, with a GV equivalent to 14,000.

Blockchain and crypto development organizations offer hassle-free crypto development services, in addition to providing ICO and IEO launch services. This expedites the cryptocurrency development process.

Short Answer:

It is easier to acquire the services of crypto development specialists like HashCash for creating your own cryptocurrency. However, it is recommended to find a viable use case to ensure that crypto survives in the long run. 

  • #10: How to Trade Cryptocurrency?

With over 300 million crypto users and an estimated 500 crypto exchanges around the world, it is logical that crypto trading will be one of the most crypto-related search phrases in Google. The keyword ranks 10th on the list of Google’s most searched crypto-related keywords and features a GV score of 13000.

Crypto trading platforms offer services customized to the regional regulatory frameworks all over the world. Enterprises and institutional investors venturing into crypto trading services take leverage of white-label crypto exchange solutions to accelerate the setup process for crypto trading platforms. 

Short Answer:

Crypto trading platforms are the best place for trading in cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, and other digital assets. 

Wrapping Up

The Google search patterns indicate the growing mainstream acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies. While some nations have already acknowledged Bitcoin as a legal tender, a significant section of the global population is still apprehensive about cryptocurrencies. Proper education and awareness can help them realize the true potential of crypto- freedom, financial inclusion, transparency, and a viable option for asset wealth creation.

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