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HashCash Announces User-Friendly Updates for its Native Crypto Payment Processor, BillBitcoins

BillBitcoins is the native crypto payment processor built by HashCash and is progressing steadily among online merchants as a productive way to receive cryptocurrency payments. BillBitcoins offer merchants around the globe a chance to receive cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment from consumers. The payment processor is helping to better the process of the use of applications for crypto firms and financial institutions.

Why is a Crypto payment processor in demand?

The crypto frugality has scaled to $990 billion in market capitalization with over 300 million crypto users. The present market situation has been fuelled considerably by the increasing demand for crypto payments among e-commerce retailers, online crypto merchants, and customers. Various nations are planning to accept crypto as a payment option including Brazil in South America. 

CEO Speaks

Blockchain pioneer and CEO of HashCash Consultants, Raj Chowdhury asserts, “The crypto revolution is already here propelled by the growing demand for new-age financial services. Crypto payment processors and gateways are rising to the forefront, offering quicker and more affordable methods of transaction settlements, powered by blockchain.”

How BillBitcoins is Among Top Crypto Payment Processors Among Global Enterprises?

HashCash’s flagship crypto payment processor, BillBitcoins has recently updated its UI/UX design making it more user-friendly and intuitive. The blockchain-underpinned product consists of the latest updates in crypto security along with zero chargebacks. The bitcoins blockchain network is used by BillBitcoins to promote the removal of intermediaries while processing and receiving quick settlement time with minimum processing charges. There are several plans for enterprises to choose from as per requirement and the alternative is to convert bitcoin to fiat currency up to an initial amount of $1 million. BillBitoins has also recently been featured among the top crypto payment processors.

“While speed and cost-effectiveness are prime reasons for e-merchants preferring crypto payment solutions, an often underlooked advantage is the increased scope for business revenues. People want to use crypto for purchasing real-life items,” concluded Chowdhury. He has previously highlighted the potential of blockchain technology in aviation management and the education sector.

In Conclusion

The increasing relevance of cryptocurrencies is evident in recent times with large enterprises and financial institutions having a stake as an investment or accepting crypto as payment. Online enterprises and merchants can leverage huge growth opportunities with crypto payment processors powered by blockchain technology. 


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