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HashCash to Develop Gaming Exchange Tech for US Company

Renowned blockchain development firm HashCash Consultants will build gaming exchange solutions for an enterprise based in the US. With the rising popularity of crypto, this proposed design will feature cryptocurrency trading along with fiat conversion.

Projected Gaming Exchange Design

HashCash Chief and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury explains, “Our gaming exchange solution targets the gaming industry and the crypto enthusiasts. This will duly convenience and derive profits from the trade of gaming tokens.” 

The proposed design by HashCash is ideal for enterprises searching for an all-in-one exchange platform software for gaming and cryptocurrency trading. A long-term proponent of blockchain implementation, the HashCash team contains professional experts in Crypto Trading, Blockchain Development, Banking Finance, and Security. The virtual asset exchange platform by HashCash offers high security along with the most competitive market rates. 

Gaming Exchange and Crypto Trading

The platform comes as a welcome change for both the crypto and gaming communities. Users can trade using gaming tokens. Blockchain ledgers with high-security encryption safeguard the gamer’s digital asset storage. Players can personalize in-game items or recreate them. They can also trade collectibles with unique upgraded properties. Other features include continuous and parallel Gaming Universes.

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Bonus for Game Developers

The gaming platform accepts easy swift micro-payments. This allows game developers to create novel ways for monetization. Available for download on Android and iOS, HashCash-designed applications are deployed all over the world. They are successful and offer exchange options through diverse business models. 

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Blockchain, Gaming & HashCash

“The product encases one-of-a-kind benefits for to derive profits out of trading gaming tokens and increasing the functional, economic & social value of Gaming Items,” remarked Chowdhury.

The solution offered by HashCash is slated to contain several features, including:

  • Order Book with Matching Engine.
  • Customer Management System.
  • Document Management & KYC Verification- Geography specific
  • Wallet Management system
  • Admin Console
  • UI/UX Branding
  • Block Confirmation tracking
  • ERC20 compatible
  • Pending transaction handling.
  • Segwit enabled for Bitcoin
  • Three-point architecture.
  • Implementation of firewall and firebases
  • Crypto Liquidity- Compatibility with other exchanges
  • Exchange FIX API.



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