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HashCash White Label Crypto Exchange Software Trial Demo For Free

As the global crypto market prospers, the need for new improved technology is a requisite for keeping up with the needs of Crypto buyers, and sellers. It is ineluctable in the field of crypto investment and management as well. The White Label Crypto Exchange is your one-stop solution to all rising market demands and stipulations. It is the perfect tool to make your mark in the crypto world where the esteemed surge of crypto trading is both ongoing and rampant.

Everything You Need To Know About White Label Crypto Exchange

With blockchain technology making it feasible to tokenize every item we own into a virtual asset, cryptocurrencies are anticipated to disrupt the financial industry. This is where the white label crypto exchange software comes into play. It is a software offered by blockchain development all over the world to help global crypto traders and investors boost the versatility of the business performed on the digital asset exchange platform. Its high-end functionality entails a stellar cryptocurrency exchange platform on deck through which users can transact or hold bitcoins, ethereum, litecoins, altcoins, and many other digital currencies, security tokens, and assets in exchanges of fiat or cryptos with ease in a hack-free zone. Entrepreneurs across all industries, budding or experienced, can use this ready-to-use customizable crypto exchange solution to kick-start or level up their enterprises in one go. The companies not availing themselves of this liquidity-ready solution run the risk of lagging behind the evolving necessities of the global market. 

The White Label Crypto Exchange software fuels up the potential of the crypto exchange business through its highly advanced and flexible features without being a royal pain for its users. It is integrated with powerful AIs, peer-to-peer crypto exchange or peer-to-Admin exchange capacity, user-friendly UI, centralized exchange, and front-end built to include client’s authentication index such as name, logo, ID, etc. The software is operational in a series of utility services and industrial aspects and works best for brokerage firms, liquidity providers, and exchange operators, OTC Desks, Security Token Offering Providers, and Automated Market Makers. It can deploy the flexible crypto exchange platform dexterously catering to the requirements of the users while making sure to guard client information and currency transaction details through its quick on the trigger security tools.

With prominent trading facilities such as margin, P2P, derivative, up keeping client dashboard, easy order placement, and constant Cryptocurrency monitoring. The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software encompasses foolproof UI/UX designs, order management systems, liquidity provision mechanism, and engine creation coordination while maintaining strict surveillance over the implementation of each function. 

Why Hashcash White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

HashCash Consultants is globally renowned for its expertise and sound experience in the blockchain domains. Its prime objective is to revamp the crypto customer exposure. The adaptability proffered by its products and services helps consumers get familiarized with the multiplicity of crypto trading styles with the help of its scintillating technology. HashCash’s ready-made White Label Crypto Exchange enables enterprises to leverage their crypto identity thereby enhancing business opportunities. 

  • Preeminent Offers Provided By HashCash

HashCash’s White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software provides a digital asset trading platform supporting multicurrency with easy-to-use facilities. Its ready-to-launch product specifications include high frequency trading platform is SegWit enabled and supports all primary fiat currencies worldwide, such as US Dollars, Euro, and many others. The astounding security features of this product include bank-level defense tools to safeguard clients from hacker intrusion and theft. It employs a 3-point architecture and DB encryption, enables multi-signature cold wallet, and ascertains hot wallet encryption.

Apart from these, other lucrative features of its architecture entail multicurrency support including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX, and ERC20 tokens, and customization of the platform as per user requirements. It allows cryptocurrencies to be added or removed easily as per the needs of the users. On top of its crypto flexibility, it helps clients to regulate geography-specific user KYC and AML supervision for compliance. Its cutting-edge architecture comes with numerous stellar features such as SegWit, BIP-32, and Firebase among many others. The operation of this software is not at all time-consuming and is extremely cost-effective while being malleable as per the requirements to match the engine. The product is made accessible for users of iOS, and Android as well as made available in Web versions.

Hashcash White Label Crypto Exchange Platform Features

The white label cryptocurrency software brings all the solutions to your online investment problems at your door. The matching engine works on a limit order book system that generates a match and connects buyers and sellers. It has a customer management system that helps you have proper and accurate data on every customer in an organized manner. It also manages your documents with a document management system that helps reduce the need for paper and receives, stores, tracks, and manages all the information for you, making all the data less prone to displacement or misusing. They also have provided a system for KYC/ verification to build authenticity. It also comes with a wallet management system that takes care of your transaction and expenses through a digital wallet that a consumer can create. The users are allowed to manage the workflow through the admin console that would give them direct access to check on billing, guiding, removing, and adding a member or many more.  With UI/UX branding that helps in customer analysis, research, strategy, and content development, and block confirmation tracking that helps you closely observe the status of the blocks you are interested in, it is now also ERC20 compatible.

  • Bonus Features

In addition to the features above, it helps in pending transaction handling so you can be a bit relaxed. It has SegWit enabled for bitcoin which helps in pushing the block size limit in blockchain, usually by removing signature data from bitcoin transactions. The three-tier architecture type of software further allows three levels of logical computing like modulating user interface as well as business logic and data storage layers. It gives a greater amount of flexibility to the development team. Apart from that, we have firebase, firewall implementation, and KYC verification that is geographically specific. Crypto liquidity is made way more accessible and easier here. The FIX API creates a seamless environment for exchanging financial information and stores FIX logs in the server that are needed during client integration and order audit.

HashCash’s Recent Developments

Hashcash Consultants is a trailblazer in the crypto domains and it continues to progress through its innovative projects and partnerships. Some of its recent developments include building crypto exchange architecture for companies from all over the world such as UAE, Europe, etc. HaschCash is all set to supply its high-end white label crypto exchange software to the firms based in Portugal. It has added new enhanced interactive features to its crypto exchange software platform. Their advanced crypto matching engine technology is also made available to global exchanges by HashCash.

Final Thoughts

Unlike some white label crypto exchange software available in the market, HashCash provides its users with ease of access architecture that can be customized with the essential machine compatibility and is cost-effective. It adheres to the needs of the customer and is not insensitive to time and price.  HashCash is also offering a demo trial of its product at no additional charges. It is completely free of cost and trouble.

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Get a free demo of HashCash’s White Label Crypto Exchange Software without any hassle.

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