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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash Aids Banking Sector with Digital Solutions for Streamlined Post-COVID Services

USA’s HashCash Consultants is providing banks and financial institutions with advanced digital solutions and services, reforming their legacy systems to enable remote operations, that will be beneficial both to the institution and the consumers in the ongoing pandemic environment. The specialized services are designed keeping the post-pandemic years in mind, so that a crisis of a similar nature can be dealt with more efficiently, without hampering banking services.

HashCash’s digital transformation solutions to the banking sector extend to both the commercial and retail banking, with the sole aim of streamlining and optimizing the legacy services to meet the needs of the present and the future.

“Global lockdowns had severely affected the banking sector due to shut down of major operations, rendering a significant percentage of the population still dependent on manual services helpless. The existence of digital banking does not mask the fact that several vital services still need personnel involvement for completion. However, with the rapid change in consumer behavior, financial institutions are now actively seeking reformation of the legacy architecture into a smart digital system that minimizes close human interaction. HashCash is helping banks to augment themselves through smart automation and a digitally integrated system that meets such requirements”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash Post COVID Solutions for Banks:

The COVID-19 started as a health crisis that slowly escalated into a global economic crisis that has weighed heavily on banks and all financial institutions. Both commercial and retail banks have been facing respective challenges to execute daily operations and meet consumer demands. HashCash’s customized solutions offer a chance to the banks to turn this adversity into an opportunity, fuelling the much-needed change within the sector.

Commercial Banks:
HashCash fashions a digitized commercial banking system that streamlines the existing processes, that fits well with the rapidly changing economy. Leveraging automation and digital solutions commercial banks can process:

1. Digitized loan application, approval, repayment adjustments and other processes eliminating the need for any personnel involvement
2. Automated commercial bank processes, eliminates the need for the consumers to reach out to the banks physically.

HashCash helps by building scalable applications and platforms integrated into the central system of an organization for easy and cost-effective operations while upholding social distancing standards.

Retail Banks:
The lockdown has pushed the population to avail of banking services through digital platforms, at least for the ones that are available. With the virus still very much existent with still no vaccine, going back to cheques, cash, or point-of-sale processes and systems may not be worth the risk for many consumers. Here’s where HashCash’s solutions can help a financial institution to make the services more digitally available through:

1. Advanced IT solutions allow banks to reduce the cost of processing and storage making them more agile at handling surges in queries and other banking processes.
2. Prioritization of digital distribution channels for simple yet customer-oriented banking experience.
3. An automated infrastructure that enables easy customer onboarding and product origination without personnel interaction
4. Improve bank and customer engagement through scalable digital platforms.

Payment Services:
Payments processing needs to be online, fast, and cost-effective. HashCash’s advanced digital solutions streamline payment processing for enhanced user experience and ensure operational ease for financial institutions.


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