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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash Offers Smart Learning Solutions to Educational Institutes for Post-COVID Reformation

HashCash Consultants is offering advanced technology solutions to educational institutes for a complete digital transformation of their infrastructure.

The smart e-learning solutions provided by the California based firm, enable schools, universities and other educational institutes to operate an automated virtual platform that streamlines remote education, to cope with the present social distancing scenario and the post-COVID reformation.

“Shutdown of schools and universities due to COVID-19 has led several educational institutes around the world to shift their classrooms and other administrative operations online almost overnight. This is a transition that most don’t have the supporting technological infrastructure to manage. HashCash has a specialized set of digital and automation solutions that helps fortify that shaky foundation and aids educational institutions to run the administration and impart education seamlessly and securely”, commented – Raj Chowdhury, CEO, Hashcash Consultants.

Speaking of the post-pandemic years, he further added, “At present, it is hard to predict when and if we will be able to go back to the old normalcy. The virus is here to stay, and with that social distancing will prevail as well. Institutes can neither remain partly functional forever and nor can they operate fully with legacy architecture. So, the solution is to evolve technologically and build a robust integrated system that enables unhindered remote education leveraging virtual tools.”

HashCash Solutions for Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions across nations are adjusting to the pandemic situation through virtual channels to take classes, conduct examinations, and keep the establishment running remotely. Most have been using third-party software and solutions to meet the requirements, leading to operational lagging, security, and privacy concerns.

HashCash comes with a comprehensive approach through its customized and innovative digital solutions that are not only scalable but highly secured as well. They stress on automated processes and system integration that augments connectivity among educators, learners, and all the other relevant participants. A unique combination of new-age technologies and integrated solutions helps create a virtual classroom and advanced learning module with scalability for future modifications. HashCash provides:

  • Intuitive and interactive platform in the form of web and mobile applications for schools, colleges, universities, and private institutes with advanced digital tools for better communication with the management
  • Cutting-edge virtual classroom applications or platforms for the respective institution with custom modifications
  • Enhanced connectivity throughout the system ensures zero disruptions in the e-learning experience
  • Automated digital assignment modules for students to attempt and submit online
  • Customized virtual examination and assessment applications ensuring data security and transparency

HashCash’s advanced digital solutions create a sustainable ecosystem of learners, parents, educators, institutions, and policymakers, enhancing the overall learning experience and paving the way for a smart global education architecture.


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