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HashCash Apprehends Cross Border Payment Challenges with HC Remit

HashCash Consultants has been a frontrunner with technological innovation, bagging international honors and recognition as a blockchain development company. The firm looks forward to contributing to blockchain-powered cross-country payment solutions and offers its unique HC Remit platform for businesses looking for cost-effective and fast solutions for cross-country remittances.

How does HC Remit Solve Cross-Country Payment Issues?

At least one cryptocurrency is utilized by more than 57.6% of the world’s top business organizations for cross-country settlements. HashCash’s HC Remit platform is powered by blockchain architecture and has several advantages over its conventional legacy systems such as new bank onboarding, lower transaction costs, smart contract automation, new bank onboarding, and removing third parties at a rapid speed with real-time visibility. 

CEO Speaks

CEO of HashCash Consultants, and blockchain pioneer, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “The possibilities and benefits of crypto integration are trending in the global business landscape. Organizations and retail merchants around the world are racing to implement blockchain-powered crypto payment solutions and gateways.” 

With 75% of US retailers conceding to implement a crypto payment architecture within two years, the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is near. The majority of both small-scale and large-scale merchants between $10 million to $500 million are investing in the crypto payment infrastructure. The white label crypto payment processor software of HashCash Consultants had already created a buzz among institutional investors and merchants around the world for its exclusive merchant solutions, API integration, security from blockchain architecture, and many more.

“Understanding the competitive demands of the 21st-century digital infrastructure has been critical to HashCash’s success. The blockchain firm’s commitment to delivering innovation and excellence across a secure transparent platform is reflected across its cross-border crypto payment platforms”, quotes Mr. Chowdhury. He also highlights the advantages and application of blockchain technology in patent claims and education systems

In Conclusion

The growing pertinent of digital currencies is the constant digital transformation of cryptocurrencies around the world presenting opportunities for businesses to stay forward in the competition by utilizing crypto as a payment option. A crypto payment platform is the best solution for businesses to actively immerse in cross-country transactions. 


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