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Would You Like to go on a Dinner Date in Metaverse?

By 2030, people might be spending more time in Metaverse than in the real world. Metaverse is often termed as the “Extended Reality”, that connects the 3D world in which Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain will work, live, and socialize. With the emergence of the concept of extended reality, experts are predicting unthinkable possibilities that might change the way the world works in the future. 

In 8 to 10 years from now, people will be applying for jobs, meeting people, conducting meetings, earn for a living, shopping, and may even getting married on metaverse. In the future, job training, and higher education degrees might be conducted on the metaverse. It might also be utilized by government bodies and businesses to share information, collaborate and provide services. 

In 1982, Neil Stevenson first coined the term and used it in his novel “Snow Crash”. In the novel, the characters can travel to augmented reality to escape their problematic real world. Metaverse does not belong to any particular company, brand, or individual. The concept is shared by all the leading technological leaders who are into making the concept a reality. 

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, supports metaverse and has recently changed the name of “Facebook” to “Meta”. The metaverse may be the place that overlaps the real world with the digital world. Metaverse is no more limited to VR and AR, but it can also be accessed through PCs, smartphones, and consoles. Metaverse is attracting several industries, including the food industry. The platform allows several industries to expand their business and is not limited to the games related to the brand.  

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A Glimpse of Dinner Date on Metaverse

Here’s a story and an idea of how going on a dinner date with your long-distance friend will feel like in the metaverse. You step into a restaurant on metaverse, and right when you pass the foyer, a camera will scan your face and body and transfer all your information to an ethnographic database. The waiter will welcome you, and before you know it, he will send a sensory form to fill up the questionnaire. These contain algorithms that will help the waiters to understand what they want to eat for the night. 

Before starting the dinner, you will be allowed to wear the VR set which will help you to check the different artworks that are displayed on the wall. These were not allowed to be observed earlier, and are a form of NFTs, owned by famous artists that work digitally, and the artworks exist only digitally. You can share the table with your friend who is physically present in America but shares the same food and drink with you in the virtual restaurant. The restaurant scene may sound like coming straight out of a science fiction movie. However, the restaurant is already existing, and many more are coming in the future. 

With the pandemic of covid 19, social distancing has taken a huge toll on long-distance relationships, and friends living across the world. Metaverse may just be the best solution to mend the distance and share the same food, drinks, and experiences. 

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What is FoodVerse?

Foodverse could be a platform for users to order food, deliver orders, and experience a unique opportunity with the help of digital tools. Foodverse may be the best addition to provide a unique experience for different business owners, companies, food enthusiasts, and chefs to come together and explore different dishes, cuisines, and different food products. It also conforms as a platform where businesses can concurrently advertise and take polls for their denominations. 

Collecting funds for different social problems, and developing awareness such as world hunger problems may be administered through Foodverse which will convene people from different parts of the globe. Foodverse can assist as a perfect business alternative for several restaurant owners as the covid pandemic had created a huge impact on the service-based regions, and Foodverse may just throw a positive layer on such services.

Metaverse Enters the Restaurant Business: Here’s How!

Metaverse is complex and it is difficult to understand how digitally dining at a restaurant will turn into reality. What does food look like in the virtual world? What does it mean for the restaurants? Although no one knows how everything will process. However, the craze for the metaverse is only growing. The food brands are taking advantage of the platform by inventing virtual reality to communicate with their audience. 

A recent report by Jamie Shackleton an author of “Wunderman Thompson” states that “opportunistic food enterprises are sprinting to document trademarks for digital services and products, demonstrating their intention to leave an imprint in the metaverse“.

OneRare: World’s First Foodverse

One of the Worlds first metaverse committed to food is OneRare also known as the Foodverse. The platform aims to be the one brand that has every product related to food starting from its production and consumption. There are four main segments in the platform. 

  1. FARM: The farm section of OneRare is for the customers who can play to earn land on the farm. 
  2. KITCHEN: The kitchen is for users who are interested in recipes. They can use different recipes that belong to different cuisines and join them together with different ingredients to create new dishes.
  3. FARMERS MARKET: in the farmer’s market the players can sell their harvest products to the collectors in exchange for a price. 
  4. PLAYGROUND: The playground platform of OneRare is for the NFT owners, where they can participate in mini-games along with the food lovers.

The platform already owns several recipes in the form of NFTs prepared by several celebrity collaborators and chefs. These dishes are collected from all around the world with special diets like Paleo, and Keto. Any interested player can partake by following the recipes, and dishes, and obtaining the ingredients to prepare the dish. Once the players collect all the tokens they can visit the kitchen area to collect their claims. The platform also has its very own native token known as “ORARE”. The users can use the token to conduct transactions at the farmer’s market to participate in games, unlock upgrades, and governance of digital restaurants.

How OneRare Connects Technology and Food?

Food is often compared to love as it is a major part of sustenance and an object of travel, careers, discussions, and passion. Therefore, the transition of food from the real world to the virtual world is natural. The global food industry is at a market cap of $6196 billion as of 2021. The transition is based on customer intention, knowledge, and lifestyle. Photography, food styling, baking, and food workshops are just a few examples of how food has been a part of our life. 

After the covid 19 pandemic, the importance of food has been realized and is no more limited to nourishment. Food posts have been a trend on social platforms. OneRare combines the trend for food with advanced technology to bring out the different elements of food from processing to web3. The enthusiasts and food freaks can communicate in the blockchain with games and a global community of cuisines, dishes, and food.

The gameplay of OneRare consists of a menu that caters to the dish types that the players need to make with every dish that would help the players to earn tokens or NFTs that the players can collect. It is divided into two types, Rare and rarest. The players can collect special ingredients to make a special dish. With every mint, the dishes generate more value. This is because the minimum market value of the NFT depends on the last mint cost.  

The rarest or the second type of dishes are the ones that are minted only once. This also helps the creator to create claim rights for the dish. The players can achieve the same by following the rules of foodverse, where they must look after the money and time they take to collect the ingredients throughout their game.

BlocBurgers: Burger Recipes on Metaverse

Blocburgers are famous for hosting several culinary recipes with burgers based on Metaverse as trinkets that the users can buy, or be saved for sale during necessity. The platform gave particular rates for the burgers that are valued with the Ethereum blockchain. There are a total of 4200 burgers with each burger valued at 0.069 ETH. The platform aims to use the project to develop a real food truck that can feed needy people in the world. The project is accepted in The Sandbox and Decentraland. The tokens are received by players as $BALONEY and the users can claim profile pictures that can splurge on web3 assets.

Major Businesses of Food Art NFTs

The Food Artist NFTs present food in a creative way that can be sold as NFTs in restaurants in exchange of real foods. The tokens can be utilized to receive donations, and raise funds for real-world problems. Several major food producers’ food chains, outlets, and players invest in NFTs to keep them with current trends and to improve the food market. Burger king, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Pizza hut have published NFTs in their marketing campaigns. The NFTs appeal to customers for new launched and product rebranding.

Several beverage industries like Hennessy, Dictador, Glenfiddich, and Bud Light have also joined the market of NFTs to market their products using the tokens. McDonald’s has applied for ten trademark applications and the majority of these are in Metaverse to protect their brand’s trademark on the platform.

NFTs: Fundraising Devices For Social Issues

NFTs can be used as a fundraising device for different social problems and can be sold off to feed the needy people in the world.

PizzaDAO is an organization that has rare pizzas with a range of ten thousand baked pizza NFTs and is made jointly with three hundred artists. The sale of the NFT pizza was mainly used to buy a real pizza in May of 2021 widely known as “World Pizza Day”. On the occasion, around $300,000 was spent on three hundred pizzas in sixty different countries. The organization also plans to make this a yearly event.

A decentralized organization, Foodchain global is ready to fight worldwide hunger using blockchain and crypto to fight the problems. The problem depends upon merchandise, play, and earning games, as a motive to engage and appeal to new players who can participate in civil activities.

Vision Behind Foodverse

The concept of food verse has already made its impact on several food manufacturers, restaurants, and consumers. The potential of business development in the metaverse platform has grabbed the attention of several restaurant owners. The platform that was created during the pandemic, opened several opportunities for the restaurants to connect to their consumers and form and combine new subordinates. The foodverse platform aims to develop and promote more blockchain applications among its users by utilizing the food theme and improving the usability and procedure of the platform. This will help to boost the global adoption of NFTs. Companies can allow users to exchange NFTs for real food in a restaurant where they can have a partnership. Therefore, the foodverse has the capability of uniting people from different food habits, religions, and locations on the technological aspect. 

In Conclusion

The expansion of the foodverse in the metaverse has enabled new business opportunities for several industries, along with new gamification of the food business. The unique environment and the brand new concept are likely to increase its user base within a few years.

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