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HashCash Consultants Offer Crypto Exchange Software to A Brazillian Financial Powerhouse

In a recent project, HashCash arrives at the Latam crypto market striking a partnership with a renowned financial organization in Brazil. The partnership makes the debut of HashCash consultants in the South American Continent. Today, HashCash has a presence in over six continents and over twenty-six countries. 

What is Crypto Exchange Software?

Blockchain-based crypto exchange software act as an online trading marketplace where people can make transactions of their digital assets like forex and stock exchanges. The white label crypto exchange software providers help institutional investors with a chance to present crypto trading platforms to their clients.

The two main components of crypto-exchange software are transparency and trust. The platform provides high-end features with regular updates, cutting edge technology, and 24/7 maintenance support.

CEO Speaks

Renowned blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury states “The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, and other blockchain applications across Brazil does not go unnoticed. HashCash takes pride in contributing to the region’s digital financial revolution, empowering people with financial inclusion and transparency.” 

Crypto Acceptance In Brazil

In Brazil, over ten million digital asset owners rank the country fifth among other nations with the highest crypto owning population. The number is roughly 5% of the country’s population. 

The government of Brazil passed crypto regulations and allotted essential aid for the Central Bank Digital Currency. The development bank of the country officially inaugurated the Brazilian Blockchain Network in the early month. The main aim was to bridge with other financial institutions and develop public faith.

“The progressive Brazilian government is playing an efficient role in creating the right environment to stimulate growth across the nation’s crypto community. The domain will soon grow into one of the biggest revenue sources and contributors to the nation’s economy,” concluded Chowdhury, who has previously stressed against the EU’s crypto punishing laws and how rising prices will affect cryptocurrencies. 

HashCash Consultants: Best Blockchain Development Company

HashCash is one of the top blockchain development companies around the Globe. It is a frontrunner in the United States and UAE. HashCash Consultants has also offered a flat 50% off on its white label crypto exchange software for a limited period of time. Thus providing a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to start their own crypto exchange platform. HashCash is also planning for expansions with a new development centre in Dubai. The company was recognised as the best blockchain development company in San Francisco by a global research firm in 2022 for its achievements in the field of the blockchain market.

In Conclusion

Crypto adoption and acceptance in South America have changed the entire financial scenario. HashCash Consultants with its partnership with a powerful financial institution in Brazil will help to make the company popular and help it grow with new business opportunities. 


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