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HashCash to Propel Crypto Development in Brazil with White-Label Crypto Payment Processor

HashCash Consultants extends its presence further in the largest South American nation. The global blockchain development company has forged an alliance with a major stakeholder in the Brazilian fintech sector. It will present a white-label solution of its flagship crypto payment processor, allowing effortless transactions across borders with the lowest processing charges.

The Global Crypto Payment Scenario

Financial institutions and business enterprises all over the world are quickly integrating blockchain and crypto technology into their existing infrastructure. Central banks across the world are racing towards CBDC development for quicker transaction processing, transparency, secure documentation, and cost reduction through the elimination of intermediaries. SWIFT, the international interbank messaging service, has acknowledged the merits of blockchain in the financial sector, noting success in interoperability and seamless transition between multiple asset classes across the single network. 

CEO Speak

HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury states, “Logical regulatory frameworks contribute to the overall improvement of the crypto ecosystem. Crypto’s revolutionary potential is no longer undeniable, evident from the participation of global financial powerhouses as well as nations from all corners of the world.”

HashCash White-Label Crypto Payment Processor

HashCash’s white-label crypto payment processor platform facilitates crypto trading services for institutional investors, who can leverage business opportunities and earn a commission doing so. The US-based firm made recent updates in its native crypto payment gateway UI offering a better user experience across the platform. Enterprises willing to venture into crypto payment can choose from multiple crypto payment options, and enjoy free crypto-to-fiat conversion for the first $1million worth of transactions.

“Secure high-speed cross-border transactions and real-time visibility are the defining features of crypto payment processors. What’s easy to miss is the plethora of new business opportunities that these digital assets present,” mentioned Chowdhury. The HashCash Chief is also a notable blockchain pioneer who has presented his views on using blockchain analytics and IoT-enabled blockchain solutions

Wrapping Up

The business potential of crypto payment gateways is rapidly increasing with global crypto acceptance and adoption. Sectors as diverse as  Web 3.0, eCommerce, retail merchants, electronic goods, fashion, and even software, have already invested or are allocating funds aside for the integration of crypto payment gateways into their operational infrastructure.


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