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HashCash Consultants to Transform Biometric Research with Blockchain-powered Digital Identity

Global blockchain development frontrunners HashCash declared its partnership with an international institution for biometric research. The US-based company’s proposed digital identity solution features the latest developments in biometric research built upon blockchain architecture and is an ideal choice for firms searching for setup or upgrade options in identification. 

Latest Developments in Biometric Research

On a global scale, the research shall primarily focus on a technical evolution from existing digital identity options. The prediction is in accordance with the annual survey reports on an international biometric research firm. The global pandemic expedited the process and 60% of healthcare professionals in the survey concurred on the significance of DI implementation for vaccine distribution and certification. A digital identity solution built on blockchain infrastructure addresses several challenges faced by the present biometrics research sector. 

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CEO Speak

HashCash CEO, keynote speaker, and eminent blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury states, “Blockchain’s intrinsic features ticks all the necessary boxes for real-time digital identification. With further R&D, the time is not far from where we can witness seamless blockchain integration with biometric identification worldwide.”

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Biometric Authorization and the Need for Testing

Research in Biometric Authorization is increasing quickly, rapidly outgrowing present control parameters. There is a long-standing debate surrounding the legislation and implementation of blockchain-based biometric identification in law enforcement or business purposes. Human rights, trust, and transparency must be the primary focus. Blockchain can provide a viable solution preventing misuse with its shared ledger technology.

“Testing is crucial in domains like biometric research where privacy and security are the top concerns. While possibilities with blockchain are limitless, it is essential to figure out the right integration approach for efficient implementation,” mentions Chowdhury.

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Final Words

HashCash-designed products are built upon the fundamentals of trust and transparency. The blockchain-based solutions are perfect for institutions planning to incorporate blockchain-based biometric identification. 


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