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HashCash To Build Digital Identity Lab in Partnership with International Cybersecurity Cluster

International blockchain development specialist HashCash Consultants has announced its collaboration with a cluster of global businesses specializing in cybersecurity. The partnership will work together towards the construction of a digital identity research laboratory.

CEO Speak

HashCash CEO and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury explains, “The digital identity laboratory will benefit organizations worldwide by encouraging adoption of digital identity solutions and also ramping up the innovation of digital asset management”.

Forged on the principles of transparency, proper governance, the DI research lab launch will help maintain market neutrality in the highest standards. The results of this project may find successful use on a national or organizational level. It can also help global enterprises check and verify their digital identity products. 

A Global Partnership to Improve Digital Identity Standards

“Both organizations believe in digitally securing personal data and hope to inspire several public-private partnerships in the digital identity management space,” mentioned Chowdhury.

Hashcash believes the collaborative efforts between professionals from the institutions on both sides will bolster organizational security. The tie-up shall also help strengthen personal data protection technology.

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Blockchain Solutions for Digital Identification

HashCash has been at the forefront of DI solutions running on blockchain technology. The US-based blockchain development company brought forward innovation with a verification platform for DI. Blockchain-based DI has been successfully implemented in COVID-19 activation. HashCash won the first position in an international list of blockchain developers compiled by a global business review firm. Recently, the company also partnered with a major space tech organization for the construction of a space commodities exchange.

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Final Words

The building of a DI laboratory will encourage individual researchers as well as organizations to contribute, experiment, and innovate in this space. The collaboration would bring participants closer, and bring forth positive transformations combining blockchain technology and cybersecurity. 


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