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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash Helping Companies Streamline Post-COVID Manufacturing Via Integrated Digital Solutions

The USA based, HashCash Consultants is addressing the legacy manufacturing issues by offering businesses with sustainable and cutting-edge digital solutions for a futuristic reformation of production units.

During the COVID-19 induced lockdown period, substantial problems were faced by manufacturing facilities across sectors, affecting the global supply chain. With social distancing protocols still prevalent, industries are having a hard time to resume full production ability. They are seeking modifications within the existing architecture to comply with the 6-feet-apart rule without hampering the operations, which HashCash is ready to suffice with its specialized offerings of advanced digital solutions.

“The manufacturing sector needs to evolve to meet the existing COVID challenges and scale-up to suffice the post-pandemic reformation happening across sectors. Leveraging the new age technologies, we can reinvent the legacy architecture and create a better future for the industry,” commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

How HashCash is Helping Industries with Manufacturing?

The majority of the existing processes in manufacturing units even in the most developed parts of the world are heavily dependent on manual operations and floor supervision. It is very hard and, in some cases, next to impossible to maintain social distancing among the workers to prevent new cases of contagion.

Months of staying under lockdown have already heavily affected the manufacturing industry creating an imbalance in the global supply and demand chain, not to mention causing thousands to lose their source of income. Businesses at the moment are seeking solutions that will improve production, making up for the loss and fortify the system in a way to make it crisis resistant for the future.

HashCash Consultants has extended help to businesses empowering them with advanced digital and automation solution that not only promises to streamline and reinvent the legacy processes, but also reduce the overall operational cost.

In this hour of need, HashCash is helping businesses big and small, with sustainable digital solutions to improve production and supply. Their specialized offerings include:

  • Virtual collaboration and meeting platforms within a scalable and integrated system for both inter and intra-communication within the organization connecting CEOs, shareholders, vertical heads, employees, etc. in a unified network
  • Scalable applications to eliminate manual processes. It acts as a communication channel between floor workers and supervisors, keeps all well updated always.
  • Use of AI, ML, and IoT to help automate redundant tasks and boost productivity while ensuring the overall safety of all workers.
  • Use of AI, IoT, and other cutting-edge collaboration tools to make manufacturing digitally manageable and traceable.
  • Improved collaboration with highly intuitive virtual communication tools creates a dynamic work ecosystem.
  • Optimization of production efficacy to make the assets and production lines more agile augmented by data-driven support implemented by custom and standard KPIs.
  • Ability to access historical and real-time knowledge of the operations to standardize processes.
  • Data-driven insight through an integrated architecture that allows assessment of individual performance and establishes goals, empowering the operators to self-manage their practices, workflow, and identify the areas that need improvement.

HashCash Consultants offers enterprises with industry-specific analytics and automation solutions to digitally transform the operations and make it scalable enough to innovate novel services for customers by gaining a unique insight into consumer needs.


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