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HashCash Modernizes Property Ownership with Real Estate Tokenization Platform

HashCash Consultants is all set to streamline the process of real estate property ownership and trade through its highly scalable blockchain-based real estate tokenization platform. The global company for a while now has been prioritizing their activities within the real estate sector, aiming to bring noticeable transformation by its offering of advanced DLT solutions to the industry players.

The tokenization platform combines the values of a decentralized blockchain network along with the contributing features of the utility token, in this case, digitization of real estate assets to facilitate fractional ownership.

“Blockchain integration within the real estate sector expands the spectrum of opportunities for both the industry insiders as well as the common investors. The concept of asset tokenization is a great avenue for investors who are interested in buying property but do not have the means to cross that high capital barrier, that until blockchain had restricted real estate investments. Real estate tokenization and trade through a scalable platform such as ours, allows investors to buy property in a foreign land without much of a hassle,” commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

The concept of Real Estate Tokenization:
The main takeaway from asset tokenization of real estate is the facilitation of fractional ownership. Real estate tokenization allows a property to be divided into multiple shares each amounting to an equal value. It enables the disintegration of ownership allowing the investors especially the ones with minimal capital to diverse lucrative investment opportunities. The profit gets divided as per the market value of the estate.

HashCash’s Offerings through Real Estate Tokenization Platform:

HashCash has built a highly scalable and agile real estate tokenization platform over its native blockchain network HC Net that executes the process of asset digitization and sale. There are multiple steps involved in the process such as:

1. Determining the properties to be digitized
2. Defining the legal structure of the process that includes project financing, real estate funding, SPV, REIT, etc
3. Documenting the rights of the shareholders and selecting the investor type
4. Selection of technology such as blockchain, tokenization, KYC/AML (globalized), etc.
5. Creation of token and distribution

HashCash’s real estate tokenization platform is powered by cutting-edge features that ensure:

1. High volume liquidity of assets facilitating smooth buying and selling of property
2. Fractional ownership of a property by splitting the value of the shares and the ownership reducing maintenance, taxation and other costs for the owners
3. Global investment opportunities within the real estate industry
4. Zero need for third-party intermediaries, due to peer-to-peer transactions, reducing surplus expenses associated with real estate investments
5. Immutability through blockchain making each transaction that happens tamper-proof and traceable

Powered by blockchain technology, each transaction and documentation that takes place over the tokenization platform gets executed instantly, with permanent and accessible records of the same on a shared ledger.


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