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HashCash Offers Advanced Crypto Matching Engine Technology to Global Exchanges

HashCash Consultants is offering all-in-one matching engine solutions to global exchanges. Known for its exclusive offering of blockchain and crypto-based services, and products, the company has been extending its expertise in the domain to exchanges with cutting-edge crypto matching engine technology.

The performance and fluidity of buy/sell operations in exchange depend majorly on the functionality of the crypto matching engine or trading engine. A trading engine is an essential component of the exchange, which enables the users to trade seamlessly and instantly. It is the core underlying technology that facilitates transactions and activities over a trading platform.

HashCash’s crypto matching engine technology is both sophisticated, scalable and can be easily integrated with business applications, to offer trading flexibility and robustness of the system. It is designed to offer exchanges with a futuristic infrastructure that delivers high performance and optimistic results even in a challenging market scenario”, says Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

A crypto matching engine records all the open pathways in the market, facilitating trading operations while fulfilling two consecutive orders through each other simultaneously. Its prime function is to match up trade bids and offers for the execution of the trading activity, by utilizing multiple synchronized algorithms for trade allocation amongst bids and competing offers of equal value.

The Uniqueness of HashCash’s Crypto Matching Engine Technology:

HashCash’s matching engine technology is designed to offer high compatibility to crypto activities along with retail forex over a trading platform. The technology is highly sophisticated, scalable, and robust. Forex operators and providers can use it through a web-based Match-Trader platform, FIX API, and FIX Bridge. It empowers exchanges and enterprises through its high-end features such as:

  • Guaranteed high performance in order-matching and distribution of quotes
  • Enabling of high-frequency trading
  • 1-microsecond order-matching latency and 2 microseconds order-processing time
  • 500,000 orders per second throughput

Leveraging HashCash’s advanced crypto matching engine solutions exchanges can ensure:

  • Extensive coverage of all major asset classes and market models in a unified system
  • The flexibility of matching orders with specialization in hybrids and derivatives model
  • Support to a wide range of order types
  • Facilitation of standard performance-based features such as ultra-low door to low door latency
  • Advanced and coordinated risk management and interoperability within the trading interface
  • Enabling of pre-order risk assessment
  • Ensuring resilience through prevention of single point of failure within the system by leveraging advanced algorithms
  • Scalability of technology that ensures seamless integration with other trading business applications

HashCash’s crypto matching engine technology is known to reduce the operational risks of exchange via a cumulative operational core, which can power a varied range of business applications. It has a proven record of resilience even during fluctuating market conditions.


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