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HashCash’s ACH Processing Solutions Offered to Enterprises for Fraud Prevention

Known for their blockchain-based banking and financial products and services, HashCash Consultants is extending its advanced ACH processing solutions to enterprises to help them build robust financial and payment architecture.

HashCash’s ACH solutions integrate multiple optional modules that protect the partner/client enterprise from fraudulent activities including prior funding. In case of prior funding, the funds are taken out from user trading accounts even before the release of the ACH credit. It initiates the predetermined processing of credit limit setting parameters for the sake of the users.

“HashCash innovates and creates industry-specific products and services that help enterprises to mitigate the drawbacks of their existing system and processes and upgrade the same to a scalable future”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

Streamlining ACH Processing through HashCash Solutions:

The understanding and navigation of an ACH network are quite complex and enterprises require expert technical guidance to prevent stagnancy or disruption of financial operations. It’s during such juncture that HashCash’s software acts as an affordable and reliable provider of ACH solutions to enterprises.

HashCash’s ACH solutions offer flexibility in ACH payments. The API enables businesses in transferring or receiving funds from the users/customers allowing and processing ACH payment between each other.

HashCash helps businesses to understand and implement scalable ACH solutions, as it is both an inexpensive and secured medium to process transactions. Utilization of the company’s ACH network ensures reduced to nil per transaction remittance cost and a highly reliable timeline without manual untraceable paperwork and documentation.

Key Features of HashCash’s ACH Processing Solutions:

HashCash’s ACH processing solutions come with multiple advanced and scalable features, empowering the enterprises to implement the software. The key features are:

  • The flexibility offered by the ACH API easy and seamless transfer of funds
  • Enhanced security protocols to ensure that there are no breaches in the network
  • Advanced pricing models for more monthly costs offered to enterprises that generate high transactional values each month
  • Customizable pricing models offered to enterprises of all stature
  • Seamless integration with existing processes reducing both the cost and time
  • Constant upgrading of the payment solution processor to stay at level with the changing market and technological conditions

Owing to such extensive ACH solutions, HashCash has been providing sustainable solutions to some of the largest enterprises in the US and beyond that as well.


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