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HashCash Partners With US-Based Diamond Supply Chain Company to Help them With ICO Services

HashCash collaborates with a diamond supply chain company based in the United States for helping them with consortium lending, ICO services, and traceability. The organization aims to help the renowned global diamond supply chain company for launching its initial coin offering services. In order to reshape the global diamond supply chain with consortium lending and traceability, HashCash aims to help enterprises launch their own digital assets. 

HashCash’s Motive Behind the Partnership

The global exchange provides enterprises with the possibility to list their initial coin offering token with the help of a due diligence coin listing procedure. Being a notable white label crypto exchange provider in the world, HashCash assists global enterprises with the setting of crypto exchanges other than listing initial coin offering tokens. In return, enterprises get the opportunity for listing their token in more than a hundred exchanges that are set for clients. 

Apart from that, HashCash’s HC NET facilitates advanced smart contracts for diamond traceability with the motive to support enterprises in achieving their funding goals. 

The diamond blockchain network of the company provides the members and clients of the consortium with a universal platform dealing in reliable diamond supply chain technology. It helps clients with consortium lending solutions to effectively utilize blockchain technology for removing multi-party reconciliation. 

According to the CEO of the company, HashCash’s consortium participants can access a huge consumer platform and trade internally through a unified marketplace backed by blockchain. It is because their lack of traceability leads to challenging situations in assessing originality, valuation, and certification of diamonds. 

HashCash’s Previous Achievements

HashCash Consultants was recognized as the leading global white label ICO platform software provider in the United States of America, owing to their scalable and advanced infrastructure solution to enterprises. Lately, the company has partnered with the well-known UK based enterprise for helping them with cryptocurrency development that also includes ICO services. Apart from that, the company works on the custom creation of higher and exchanges with a native asset for partner enterprises. 

HashCash has fostered a worldwide network collaborating with financial institutions, startups, enterprises, banks, industry leaders across geographies and thereby extending the crypto and blockchain’s smart adoption. Some of their products include  HC Corporate Payments, HC Remit, HC Commerce, and HC Market Maker. With a presence in 26 nations, HashCash possesses more than 100 enterprises that are using their products.


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