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HashCash to Build Utility Coin Infrastructure for Global Corporation in UAE

The leading blockchain development company, HashCash Consultants has partnered with a global corporation based in UAE to help them build a scalable architecture for utility coin offerings. The project will involve the integration of HC Net (HashCash’s blockchain network) with the partner company’s existing system along with the creation and launch of their native digital asset, followed by its listing on major global exchanges. Through this collaboration, the partner company will be able to leverage the advanced set of blockchain products and services offered by HashCash, to streamline their internal operations.

Interacting with the media, Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants commented, “HashCash’s utility coin offering solution takes an all-inclusive approach towards crypto development and its promotion to make it appealing to the traders from the get-go. We are helping our partners with complete blockchain integration along with utility token creation, enabling them to be a part of the global crypto boom.”

Structuring the infrastructure of utility coin offerings for the partner company will require blockchain integration of the existing system to make it robust and scalable. HashCash will integrate the partner company’s system with HC Net, which is trusted and used by exchanges, corporate, global enterprises, and banks. It will modify the system making it compatible enough to execute the utility coin offering operations.

Next is the creation and launch of the native digital asset that will be integral to the crypto operations of the partner company. HashCash will offer its expertise in the creation of the utility or asset-backed crypto coins over the HC Net network. The supply distributing and data about the asset performance will be made accessible from the partner company’s website supported by the blockchain network.

The final step of the utility coin offering is getting the digital asset listed under the world’s major exchanges to make it a tradable asset for value surge. HashCash’s connectivity with leading exchanges makes it a seamless process of listing. They will also help in the marketing of the new coin, which is an essential aspect of utility coin offering.

Overall it is an extensive and complete process starting from blockchain integration to crypto launch and its placement across exchanges globally that HashCash is helping the partners with.


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