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HashCash Partners with Global Real Estate Company, will Help with Property Tokenization

HashCash’s aim to revolutionize the real estate sector accelerates with its latest collaboration. The leading blockchain development company has partnered with a global real estate company to help them with their scalable blockchain solutions and property tokenization platform.

The aim is to facilitate the digitization of property shares and enable fractional ownership of the real estate to improve the scope of investment and increase the liquidity of the asset. HashCash is helping the partner company with a blockchain-based real estate tokenization platform that allows the creation of digital assets representing a specific property or portfolio of properties on a secured decentralized ecosystem.

Real estate tokenization is one of the most interesting and disruptive aspects of blockchain within the property industry. Its adoption proves beneficial for both the industry insiders as well as the investors, improving investment opportunities of the largest asset class,” commented HashCash CEO, Raj Chowdhury while talking to the media about the venture.

HashCash Consultants have been intensifying their activities within the real estate realm to bring sustainable transformation within the sector. The company is a champion for the cause of blockchain integration in real estate, as it addresses the pain areas within the existing system and offers scalable solutions for improved infrastructure. Real estate tokenization is one of the crucial areas that HashCash is working on offering the same blockchain-based system to the partner organization.

HashCash Consultants’ Real Estate Tokenization Platform:

Through real estate tokenization, HashCash will help the partner company to draw in more investors for a single property, increasing the liquidity of property assets, while facilitating transactions in crypto over the platform. The disintegration of the property opens up an array of investment opportunities for people interested in buying property, but lack the high capital usually required to real estate investments.

HashCash’s real estate tokenization platform leverages HC Net executing asset digitization followed by the sale of a property. The integration will streamline property listing, buying, and selling operations for the partner company by bringing everything and all stakeholders under one roof. The real estate tokenization platform will ensure:

  • Increase in asset liquidity
  • Fractional ownership of real-estate through value splitting and creating property shares. It will help in the reduction of maintenance cost and taxation
  • Global real estate investment opportunities
  • Elimination of third-party intermediaries by establishing peer-to-peer transactions
  • Blockchain immutability to each transaction making it traceable and tamper-proof

Such an advanced system empowered by the tokenization of property will be beneficial for both the investors as well as the real estate company.


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