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HashCash to Expand Business Operations Centered in Dubai

The power of cryptocurrency has grown many folds. This is evident in the significant growth of decentralized finance despite a currently sliding phase of Bitcoin and some of the more popular cryptos. Bitcoin may have led the crypto space to where it stands today, but technology has made its way to wider applications accumulating a community base of its own. Numerous startups working on decentralized technology testify this fact. HashCash Consultants is one such organization that has crafted and continued its upward climb undeterred by the performance of leading cryptocurrencies. 

HashCash in News

HashCash Consultants, sent out its expansion plans, only a week after disclosing its intent of constructing an operation center in the technology hub at Newtown Kolkata. Now the company makes its plans of setting up facilities in Dubai, known to the world.

In their previous publications, HashCash management had clearly indicated their growth in the MENA region as well as the positive impact they were bringing on the crypto industry in the region with their white label solutions. The accomplishment of consecutive projects and growth prospects from the rise in institutional crypto investment took the management to this decision. 

CEO speak

“Having witnessed the enormous growth first hand, it is easy to imagine the mammoth shape that the industry is about to assume in the next five years,” remarked Raj Chowdhury, founder, and CEO of HashCash Consultants. 

HashCash management has earlier revealed its intention of large-scale hiring for Indian locations. An expansion in the operation facilities will serve to boost hiring across various locations. 

“Expansion of base for HashCash operation centers will generate employment across departments in both India and Dubai. We look forward to onboarding a significant crowd, shortly,” added Chowdhury.

Recent Developments

HashCash has lately put its white label products on a 50% discount for a limited period. HashCash has also proposed a blockchain-powered inheritance system resolving the critical problem of passing on the ownership of digital assets to the heirs of the deceased owner. 


The fintech sector is aggressively going mainstream. Companies like HashCash are rapidly gaining traction in the institutional investment avenue. It is safe to conclude that the recent developments offer a powerful indication of the industry’s potential for growth in the near future.


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