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COVID-19, Featured, Press Release

HashCash’s Collaborative Efforts With Asian Tech Giant Safeguards Covid-19 Scams

With an uptick in regular Covid-19 scams from the start of the pandemic, businesses are being revealed to frauds and wrongdoings that require security. Varying from fraud vaccine transmission, Covid reports duplication to exploitation in supply chains of vaccines, there have occurred endless double-dealings everywhere in the world. Due to the Covid double-dealings, global blockchain company HashCash Consultants makes gathered endeavors with a tech giant from Asia to assure the smooth flow of quality services for businesses. 

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HasCash’s Vision

HashCash Consultants, with an Asian tech giant, happens to be working at its best when it comes to strengthening and preserving health and regulatory systems from frauds. With the consent of quality, manufacturing of artificial goods, value, and sources of technology and equipment being at stake, the blockchain solutions of HashCash happen to be acting as a means for defeating these difficulties. 

The CEO Says

“Growing application of the technology of blockchain is dependent on digital infrastructure and digital literacy among constitutional systems, people, and social or governmental settings. Being in use within the supply chain management of the medical industry, HashCash’s blockchain solutions are advancing towards clinics and executive offices for guaranteeing the source and type of medical devices and reports along with shared efforts from an Asian Tech Giant,” said Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants. 

HashCash’s Endeavors

HashCash’s blockchain-backed solutions obtain the usage of immutable entries and encrypted data for supporting and yielding medical reports. Furthermore, HashCash’s solutions are additionally utilized for contact-tracing purposes, which can further be viewed as a part of tracking and tracing systems. 

The transparency and tamper-proof characteristics of the blockchain solutions are pretty engaging when contributors or authorities are looking ahead to shielding cash-transfer schedules from crime or scam. Recently, employing solutions and creating them for making everything easier in the medical industry, HashCash Consultants had developed a vaccine passport prototype.  With that being said, HashCash plans with the Asian tech giant to help people, supported by cash support, hence providing secure IDs and making them a prerequisite. It can encourage institutions to make choices that are fully furnished with technology concerning the minimization of fraud cases.


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