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Innovation on Crypto Tokens Disrupt Wine Distribution

HashCash has all along been an active initiator and advocate for the adoption of blockchain technology. HashCash Founder and CEO, Raj Chowdhury, has been equally vocal on the disruptive capacities of crypto tokens. In one of their ‘next’ ventures, their theory materializes.

In the said project, HashCash is to design a crypto token for an Asian ‘wine and cuisine’ marketing brand. The crypto would be driven by a highly resourceful business logic that holds potential for steady growth. 

Having said that market economics does not favor any specific form of investment, trade, or profit. Crypto tokens may correspondingly affect market dynamics to varying extents.

HashCash design and marketing teams are working closely with the development team to take the idea to fruition; already making steady progress on it. The project is exciting and challenging at the same time for the young HashCash contingent.

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Blockchain pioneer and author, Raj Chowdhury, says, “Our teams are working together to fine-tune the working of the crypto. Upon completion, the crypto will be available in an IEO campaign.”

Until the present times, innovation surrounding crypto was limited within the monetary transactions and fund-transfer brackets. Today, business goals of diverse nature, resort to tokenize their business plan or profit-motive. 

“The project is veritably distinct from the usual remittance and financial transaction-related crypto that has since long stereotyped the digital asset class. It is refreshing to observe diverse applications pivoting around the technology,” adds Chowdhury.

Recent developments, as pointed by the media section, include a potential calling-out to traditional security traders to integrate a crypto exchange to their trading sites. A section of Forex brokers has already incorporated the platform as an alternative payment platform. Others, too,  will follow suit, sooner or later.

As aptly remarked and iterated by the HashCash Chief, Raj Chowdhury, this is only the seepage before the flooding. A novel business class is bound to emerge riding the plethora of possibilities offered by the crypto.


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