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HashCash’s HC NET Reduces Base Reserve Fee from 20 HCX to 1 HCX to Adjust Network Fee with the Rising HCX Prices

HashCash Consultant’s HC NET decreases their base reserve fees owing to the rising HCX prices. The organization has reduced its HCX charges from 20HCX to 1HCX for having a balance with its network costs compared to the rising prices of HCX. Moreover, HashCash has also reduced its charges required for creating a new asset on its network from 10 HCX to 0.5 HCX. 

Base Reserve Fee

The base reserve fee of HashCash is needed for opening a new account within their platform. On the other hand, the base fee(presently 100 Jots) is utilized for transaction fees. Similarly, the base reserve (now 0.5 HCX) is utilized for minimum account balances.

From the Perspective of the CEO

As per the CEO of HashCash Consultants, HC NET helps organizations globally for streamlining their business processes. By reducing their base reserve fee, HashCash’s HC NET helps restrict people from overwhelming the network and aiding in prioritization.

All About HC NET

Backed by HashCash Consultants, HC NET refers to an open-source blockchain community for developers in order to develop blockchain applications. It is a cutting-edge blockchain network that supports a wide assortment of products and services offered by the organization. 

Endorsing an assortment of HC NET Cores, which refers to the base of HC NET, these cores are managed by numerous entities among a distributed network, hence making it safe and reliable. Each transaction among this network charges a minimal fee for restricting spamming over the network.

Recent Developments

Lately, the valuation of HCX, a native digital token on HC NET, is deemed to be moving for an upswing, thereby Hashcash Consultants taking up new projects. Moreover, HashCash Consultants sets new challenges with HC NET facilitating cross-border payments along with currency exchanges. 


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