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HashCash’s HC NET to Help an Australian Enterprise in Settling Payments and Moving Assets Across Borders in Real-time

Leading blockchain development company HashCash Consultants collaborates with an Australian Enterprise to help them with HC NET. HashCash’s solutions can help the enterprise settle payments and move assets across borders in real-time. Also, the clients of the Enterprise can get premium access to HashCash’s native digital token HCX. The digital token can help the enterprise conduct transactions throughout the world and help the customers meet their enterprise demands. 

The Idea Behind the Partnership

HashCash’s idea behind the collaboration is to assist the enterprise in conducting a seamless exchange and transfer of funds in a more safe way between numerous enterprises, parties, and individuals on a worldwide basis. It also helps enhance the financial infrastructure of the world with its sophisticated facilities and solutions and helping the organization in Australia to meet their consumer demands. 

From the Desk of the CEO

According to the CEO of HashCash Consultants, their HC NET solution assists in empowering the Australian enterprise by combining each of their essential operations on a particular distributed platform with the help of this collaboration. Apart from that, HashCash’s services and products to create a competitive edge over others for clients all around Australia. 

All About HC NET

HashCash’s HC NET is an open-source community of blockchain that helps developers build successful blockchain apps because of its scalable blockchain network. Supporting a wide assortment of services and products, HashCash has also decreased its base reserve fee from 20 HCX to 1 HCX for adjusting network fees with the rising HCX Prices. 

Promising attractive features, HashCash’s HC NET claims to be one of a kind that one cannot find in any other Crypto exchange platform. HashCash’s solutions are trusted by Banks, Currency Exchanges, Corporate Houses, Fintechs, Payment Network, and Global Merchants worldwide. 

Recent Developments

Having the largest blockchain network, HashCash has recently partnered with a Saudi Arabian manufacturer to assist them with HC NET integration for their supply chain management. Other than that, the organization has lately collaborated with a Singaporean Bank to help them with their blockchain digital identity solutions. 


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