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HC Market Maker Debuts in the European Finance Markets with Great Success

Global blockchain specialists HashCash Consultants declared the launching of its flagship HC Market Maker across the financial markets of Europe. The financial platform software is finding a rapid increase in usage among global banks and major financial institutions dealing in cryptocurrencies and forex. 

HC Market Maker

The HashCash-designed HC Market Maker allows its users to obtain the most profitable conversion deals in open forex marketplaces. The finance software is also a useful tool for procuring liquidity among institutions failing to maintain Nostro relationships. It also helps in the automatic selection of the best forex rates for a chosen currency pair. 

Words from the CEO

HashCash CEO and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury says, 

“The HC Market Maker is a beneficial tool for both crypto and forex. Targeted at exchanges and banks to help them get profitable deals in an open marketplace, it is also effective for wallet service providers for market expansion and deal extension.”

Worldwide Excellence and Versatility

The US-based company is a global frontrunner in blockchain development while specializing in crypto, finance as well as forex. A well-balanced team of experts from diverse professional backgrounds is behind its continued success. HashCash also offers its blockchain expertise in diverse sectors such as cryptocurrency exchanges, logistics and supply chain management, medical care, digital identities, and many more.

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Advocating Global Crypto Adoption

“Blockchain innovations have been integral to the recent advancements in modern banking and financial systems. HashCash’s unique expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and forex has resulted in global financial institutions utilizing its products for better leverage,” concluded Chowdhury, a proponent for financial literacy and the adoption of crypto and wallet services in nations with developing economies. 

The company has successfully formed partnerships with over 60 major worldwide banks and financial institutions, spanning over 5 continents. Ranked the top blockchain development company by global business review firm Clutch, HashCash recently built a blockchain gaming network using its HC NET architecture and cloud infrastructure. 

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Global banking corporations have already started utilizing blockchain technology. The worldwide rising popularity of cryptocurrency will further boost growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and business enterprises investing in integrated crypto-forex trading architecture.


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