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How to Choose the Right White Label Crypto Exchange Providers?

White label crypto exchange providers give businesses better control over the features and functionality of exchange. Many providers are easy to set up and fast once you know the steps. However, when choosing a white label crypto exchange provider there are some factors that you must consider. These factors play a key role in increasing your trust, confidence and easy usability of the software. That is why we have short listed features to make it super simple for you to compare them. 

Essential Features Offered by White Label Crypto Exchange Providers

The white label crypto exchange providers must be easy to use such that transactions can be easier for crypto exchange users. For example, there should be off-ramp and on-ramp facilities that can help in faster digital asset exchange. This is a crucial one as it will help you to match the bid and ask for orders. You can also look for some more essential features such as spot trading, leverage trading, OTC, funds management, limit orders, and market orders. The crypto exchange providers may also have the necessary functionalities such as trading engine, user interface, and order books can be used. 

The software should also have good support features. This means that whenever you are having any queries or problems, then you should be able to get help from the experts. Reliable white label crypto exchange providers offer the following features: 

  • Security

Security is fundamental for any crypto trading platform. The providers must have a good security track record and also guarantee that the software is secure for daily usage. The exchange must have sufficient facilities to offer the maximum possible security to its users. Some white label cryptocurrency platforms provide additional security for transactions by providing cold wallet storage of crypto assets. 

  • Supports Interoperability And Many Cryptocurrencies

While choosing a provider you must remember that not all exchanges support all kinds of cryptocurrencies. The reason is that centralized solutions need to be linked with several blockchain APIs such that trading can be supported. Therefore, there are only some supported currencies and most white label exchanges come with that set only. For example, if you want to use a particular currency, then it must be included already or you may have to find a group that will add it.

Many cryptocurrencies are based upon ERC-20 and are based on one technology Ethereum. However, if you go beyond the ecosystem by offering Solana, Cardano, and other types of ERC-20 tokens, then the platform has to be interoperable. It should work with multiple blockchains. The trading platform needs to have the flexibility feature.

  • Fulfils Technical Needs

While deciding on the right white label cryptocurrency provider, always remember to gather basic technological knowledge behind it. There is exchange software that helps in making better provisions for the fast deployment of contracts that can make margin trading easier. It is worth noting that technologically sophisticated trade engines can help in smoother operations. Multi-currency wallet and API integration are other technical facilities that you can check before choosing a white label crypto currency provider.

  • Transaction Speed

White label crypto exchange providers must have good speed. So, it is advisable to find out the transaction per second or TPS rate of a cryptocurrency exchange before choosing it. It is true that more users are likely to use a platform having a higher TPS rate just because it saves time.

  • Budget

Blockchain technology developers have the potential to create an excellent crypto exchange. However, integrating all the features of the white label cryptocurrency can exceed the budget of many potential users. Similarly, many companies also choose exchange providers and software that they cannot afford. Thus, always check whether the white label crypto exchange will be suitable for you or not. If your budget is limited, then avoid paying for heavy feature white label exchanges. Instead, choose simpler ones that suit your budget. 

  • Liquidity

The exchange platform needs to have sufficient liquidity sources such that sellers and buyers can have the best or the most suitable price. So do check out whether your white label cryptocurrency providers offer liquidity features such as Matching Engine, Market Maker, and APIs to external exchanges. The crypto exchange software must have access to various kinds of digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and other brands of digital currencies.

  • User Experience

While selecting any white label crypto exchange provider, always remember to check the user reviews or user experience. Check the interface and design of the platform. An easy user-friendly interface can definitely provide you a better seamless trading experience for the users. This will help you to understand what other users have rated for the provider. If the review is positive and the features also suit your needs and budget, then choose it. Otherwise, if the reviews are mostly negative, then avoid using it. 

  • Scalability

While choosing a white label crypto exchange always check how much the provider is scalable. Ideally, a good crypto exchange provider must be able to support large volumes of trade without charging extra money. It should also have the facilities to trade a considerable quantity of assets in a trading pair simultaneously. High uptime at traffic and fast servers can make a big difference in the scalability of the providers.

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In Conclusion

The most suitable white label solutions are ones that are suitable for your project and business interests in terms of its features and the other aspects that we mentioned. You can try white label cryptocurrency exchange dashboard which offers the best features to deal with cryptocurrency. If you agree with our choice, then we are willing to support you in developing exchanges that use white label solutions and other forms of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

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