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HashCash Offers White Label Crypto Exchange to a UAE-Based Enterprise

HashCash Consultants is a popular blockchain development company that offers state-of-the-art white-label crypto exchange software to leading financial institutions globally. The company has been working closely with financial enterprises worldwide. It is developing new strategies that promote the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. Recently, HashCash Consultants has expanded its range of white-label services to a major enterprise based in the UAE.

UAE: The Global Hub for Virtual Asset Innovations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is witnessing a thriving crypto community. Moreover, with a significant number of crypto exchanges and users. According to Statista, the crypto market valuation of the UAE is growing at a CAGR of 11.59%. It will reach $372 billion by 2027. Moreover, the number of cryptocurrency users will reach 3.11 million by 2027. UAE is the “Global hub of virtual asset innovations.” Therefore, it has a favorable regulatory environment. Moreover, the strategic policies will attract future investments. UAE might become a hub for crypto startups.

White Label Crypto Exchange Solution Features

The “white-label crypto exchange software” by HashCash Consultants is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology. Moreover, it offers top-notch features like SegWit, BIP, multi-signature hot and cold wallets, Firebase, DB encryption, and a 3-point architecture. Therefore, this software is highly versatile, being compatible with multiple fiat currencies and devices like iOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, recently, HashCash Consultants has added new trading alternatives like Leverage, Margin, Futures, Options, and OTC to this software. Additionally, services such as crypto-powered banking, crypto-custodial solutions, and crypto-collateralized lending.

CEO Speaks On Offering White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Blockchain maximalist and CEO of HashCash Consultants states “We are excited to extend our cutting-edge technology and strategic approach that will enable enterprises to kickstart their crypto exchange platform. We believe in collaboration and plan to contribute to the growing crypto community in the UAE.” He has previously spoken about the need to support crypto startups facing a liquidity crisis

“As trust in the current financial infrastructure diminishes and the adoption of cryptocurrency rises, people’s hopes are growing stronger. With the new regulations imposed by the UAE, we believe that the crypto community will be further empowered and crypto startups will be able to thrive,” stated Chowdhury.

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Looking Forward

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have gained widespread acceptance and adoption over the years. Therefore, many financial enterprises are now looking to offer crypto trading as a part of their services. In this context, HashCash Consultants is dedicated to collaborating with such enterprises with a focus on trust and transparency.




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