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Large Businesses Around the World Invested $6 billion in Blockchain and Crypto

Lately, global research firm BlockData analyzed the top 100 large businesses investing in blockchain and crypto (assets under management). The research helped to understand the key advantages of blockchain they are looking forward to, and the new companies that have entered the market. 

Among hundred businesses, forty of the top companies invested around $6 billion in blockchain firms between September 2021, and July 2022. The research firm, BlockData has conducted a thorough study of the investment activity in 100 companies to understand what has led to such a trend, with new businesses investing in blockchain technology. 

Top 7 Businesses to Invest in Blockchain

BlockData used the funding round sizes to figure an approximate total investment, as it was impossible to figure out the full amount invested by each participant. One of the active companies among the top businesses was the tech giant, “Samsung” by invested in 13 different companies. 

Here is a list of the top 7 businesses that invested in Blockchain Firms.

  1. Alphabet: Investment of $1506 Million in 4 companies.
  2. Blackrock: Investment of $1171 Million in 3 companies.
  3. Morgan Stanley: Investment of $110 Million in 2 firms.
  4. Samsung: Investment of $979 Million in 14 companies.
  5. Goldman Sachs: Investment of $689 Million in 5 firms.
  6. BNY Mellon: Investment of $690 Million in 3 companies.
  7. PayPal: Investment of $650 Million in 4 firms. 

Alphabet (GOOGL) the parent company of Google participated in four funding rounds that received $1.5 billion for crypto and blockchain-related firms. It was also the most significant value in comparison to other businesses. The four blockchain companies that Alphabet bet on in the last ten months were Dapper Labs, Fireblocks, Digital Currency Group, and Voltage. 

The BlockData study highlights the acceptance of the crypto and blockchain industry. One of the world’s largest asset managers, BlackRock participated with an estimated value of $1.2 billion in three major blockchain development companies. Morgan Stanley, another blockchain development company invested $1.1 billion in two companies in the past ten months.  

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Businesses and Banks Investing in Blockchain Development Companies

Large businesses like MasterCard are actively participating in inorganic technology integration and development. MasterCard was once, one of the top three investors on the basis of deals it participated in. Ever since MasterCard has conducted accelerator and incubator programs for four blockchain startup companies. MasterCard also received “CipherTrace”, a crypto innovative solution firm to support its cybersecurity solutions and stay on the top list of digital assets. 

In terms of banks, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup, attended their positions among United Overseas Bank, BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia as the top investors in blockchain technology. Around sixty-one blockchain development companies received almost seventy-one rounds of investment. These companies are active across twenty industries, with sixty-five applications.  

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Investor’s Opportunity in NFT, Asset Management, etc.

Around 19 companies offer NFT services and solutions. The majority of these companies are related to entertainment, arts, gaming, and distributed ledger technology. 

12 firms support the exchange of NFTs, while 11 of them provide gaming services. NFTs’ popularity can be observed as an opportunity for corporations to capitalize on trends that the customers have an interest in the startups that attract investors are raising capital to invest in decentralized platforms where the users can buy and sell NFTs, and clothing lines, virtual land, etc. 

Among seven companies that offer blockchain development services, ConsenSyS received the highest funding amount rounding up to $450 Million in the span of ten months. Samsung placed its bets in the blockchain ecosystem by investing in fifteen different applications of the technology such as development platforms, NFTs, social networks, etc. 

Banks are also showing their interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency, due to high client demand. Therefore, the research firm observes banks’ interest in trading, crypto custody, asset management, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Blockchain technology has huge potential in the future, which has already been recognized by traditional companies like Samsung, Microsoft, etc. The latest study may help the companies to find new companies with a unique portfolio to accept and join the ecosystem. Banks and corporations may want to invest their money into a technology that provides them a synergistic growth.

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