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PayBito’s Effort to Breaking the Unemployment Cycle in Sundarbans

Sundarbans is a region rich in natural resources, the people of Sundarbans have been struggling to find employment opportunities, leading to an increase in poverty and malnutrition. Paybito, on its mission to end hunger, realized that unemployment was one of the significant issues that needed to be addressed to achieve its goal.

Paybito embarked on a mission to end global hunger by launching the “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement in the core villages of Sundarbans. However, upon arrival, the Paybito team encountered several critical issues that the villagers were facing. These issues included frequent cyclones, climate change, saltwater intrusion, problems with child education, sex trafficking, high dropout rates, and human-animal conflict. Additionally, another significant and often overlooked issue in Sundarbans is the problem of unemployment. 

“We observed a severe shortage of job opportunities in the Sundarbans region, which has resulted in many people being forced to migrate to urban areas in search of work. Unfortunately, those who are unwilling or unable to leave are left struggling to survive, with many facing the threat of starvation.” 

– PayBito team (Brokering World Hunger Away movement)

The inhabitants of Sundarbans mainly rely on farming, fishing, and honey collection as their primary sources of livelihood. However, the frequent occurrence of floods and cyclones, attributed to the effects of climate change, has made it increasingly challenging for them to sustain their work. As a result, a considerable number of these individuals are compelled to leave their villages and migrate to urban areas, where men typically seek daily wage labor, and women work as domestic helpers. Unfortunately, those who are left behind face a difficult and uncertain future, as they struggle to survive in the face of daunting circumstances.

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Climate Change and Job Insecurity: The Plight of Sundarbans Inhabitants

During their exploration of the Sundarbans village, the PayBito team engaged in conversations with several local residents. These discussions revealed that a significant number of villagers had migrated to cities in search of work, while others continued to face the harsh realities of poverty in their homeland.

“I work in the agricultural fields. I have three children. After Amphan, we lost everything. My husband was forced to work in a jute mill near Kolkata. He was forced to take a daily wage job to make ends meet.”

 -Shampa Mondal (villager in Gosaba block, Sundarbans)

Shampa works in the agricultural sector and has three children. The devastating impact of the Amphan cyclone resulted in the loss of everything they had. Her husband had no choice but to take a daily wage job at a jute mill located in Kolkata to ensure the family’s financial survival. 

“My eldest son is Seventeen years old and works as a daily wager in the city, he comes back home on weekends. I have a twelve-year-old daughter, but she had to drop out of school to take care of my four-year-old son while I am working in the fields.”

Shampa’s eldest son, aged seventeen, works as a daily wage laborer in the city and only returns home on weekends. She has a twelve-year-old daughter who had to drop out of school to take care of her four-year-old sibling while Shampa works in the fields. This situation highlights the challenges faced by families in Sundarbans, where children are often compelled to forgo their education to assist with family responsibilities, while others must migrate to cities to earn a living.

“There are many families that are affected due to climate change. These islands lack employment opportunities, which makes people like us struggle for daily bread.”

The adverse effects of climate change have left numerous families in Sundarbans grappling with dire circumstances. With limited employment opportunities available, many individuals are finding it increasingly challenging to meet their daily needs, leaving them struggling to survive. 

Empowering Communities: PayBito’s Initiative to Tackle Unemployment in the Sundarbans

PayBito launched the ‘Brokering World Hunger Away movement to end global hunger. PayBito’s crypto broker platform is for individual brokers, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs who are looking to venture into the crypto industry. The white-label platform is customizable and can kickstart your business in less than three minutes. It can be a great passive income stream for the enthusiast. 

The best part is by signing up for the platform, and earning commissions you can directly contribute to the global ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ movement. The “Dollar for a dollar” movement initiated by PayBito shares that for each dollar a broker earns as a commission from PayBito’s crypto broker platform, the same amount will be spent in the movement. 

With zero investment and no risk, the investors get a chance to help end global hunger and contribute to the community. To break the unemployment cycle in Sundarbans, PayBito has come up with new ways to break the cycle of unemployment.

  • Skill Development Programs: PayBito has implemented various initiatives to help break the cycle of unemployment in the Sundarbans. One of the key ways they are doing this is by providing job training and skill development programs to the local community members. These programs aim to equip the locals with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure gainful employment opportunities in various sectors such as agriculture, fishing, and hospitality.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: PayBito is also working towards improving the infrastructure in the region, which will create new job opportunities and attract businesses. This includes the construction of roads and bridges, the establishment of new markets, and the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities.
  • Support Small businesses & Entrepreneurs: PayBito is collaborating with local organizations and government bodies to create sustainable livelihoods for the locals. This involves supporting entrepreneurship and small business development through micro-financing and access to financial resources.

The Brokering World Hunger Away movement is not only restricted to ending global hunger anymore, but the firm aims to improve their overall livelihood. PayBito’s efforts are geared towards empowering the local community to become self-sufficient and break the cycle of unemployment in the Sundarbans. Join the crypto broker platform, and contribute to making a difference.

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