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Security Features Of Hashcash White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency exchanges contribute hugely to the global adoption of crypto trading and digital assets. They facilitate secure trading environments between investors all around the world, at fractional charges compared to conventional forex or stock exchanges. With forecasts predicting a further surge in bitcoin prices and crypto legalization reports from different corners of the world, a crypto exchange is a viable investment. And rather than setting one up from scratch, it is easier to utilize a white label crypto exchange software.

HashCash White Label Crypto Exchange Software 

Building a crypto exchange from scratch requires technical knowledge, resources, and patience. Similar to any R&D product, trials and errors are inevitable in crypto-exchange software development. It is thus much more efficient to acquire the application from a legitimate blockchain developer with prior experience in crypto trading. With HashCash Consultants, operators can rest with state-of-the-art performance and high-level security features.

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A Benchmark in Cybersecurity

HashCash’s prebuilt white label exchange platform can be purchased in stock condition or customized as per user requirements. Enterprise and exchanges use these platforms to incorporate crypto trading in their list of services all over the world. 

Security features are deciding factors for prospective investors looking to venture into crypto trading along with performance and scalability. The US-based blockchain development frontrunner ensures its buyers enjoy the latest security updates in their white label products. 

Security Features of the HashCash White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Advanced cybersecurity features of the white label product include:

  • SegWit Integration

The exchange platform features SegWit enabling which saves up space while recording transactions by enhancing the block size within the blockchain network. 

  • BIP 32, Firewall and Firebase 

BIP 32 in combination with Firebase, Firewall, and the Priority Matching Engine boosts the security features of the exchange. It also accelerates performance speed to a much higher level.

  • 3 Point Architecture

The three-point architecture prevents fraud and hacking attempts. The software also integrates mandatory KYC and AML compliance to further reduce the chances of a security error.  

  • IP Tracking, DDoS and Ransomware Prevention

Geo-Fencing, DDoS mitigation in place assure the safety of the user’s digital assets from random cyber attacks.

  • Multisignature Wallets(Both Cold Wallets and Hot Wallets)

Users can now avail both hot wallets and cold wallets to keep their currency. The white label also consists of additional multi-signature wallets and hardware wallet support.

  • Two Factor Authorization(2FA)

To safeguard user assets, 2FA featuring both SMS and Google authorization is available for implementation. 

  • High-Security Encryption

The White Label platform consists of industry-standard AES 256 encryption, compliant with the FIPS 140-2 for preventing cyber attacks.

Additional Features

In addition to the latest security features, HashCash’s white label bitcoin exchange product also includes a host of features that make it unique. 

  • Multicurrency Support for both Fiat and Crypto

While the default fiat currency is set in USD, users can customize additional fiat denominations for transactions. With regular update digital asset listing, investors in most of the popular cryptocurrencies worldwide.

  • Intuitive Dashboard for Real-time Use

The intuitive dashboard showcases most of the popular trading requirements at the forefront. Users can easily find and access Fiat and BTC balance, instant buy or sell options, and more. 

  • Multi-Device Accessibility

The smart platform UI is easily accessible across multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Final Words

Established in 2015, California-based HashCash Consultants has been at the helm of crypto exchange platform development for a long time. It runs its own cryptocurrency exchange (PayBito) and the white-label solutions are economical and efficient. Committed to delivering excellence and unmatched service, HashCash products have been used in crypto exchanges all over the world. To date, white label crypto exchange products have been deployed in UAE, El Salvador, Singapore, and several other nations. Multiple projects are also in the pipeline. 


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