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Soaring Indian Crypto Market Share in 2020: Market Research Report

As per industry reports, the Indian crypto market will gain a substantial market share in 2020. The rupee’s instability, the administrative conditions, and remittances happen to be the key drivers that are likely to send the Indian crypto market soaring.

The prime remittance demand is expected to boost digital currency growth in India for a lengthy period as known from market studies. Check out how the weekly transaction volumes surged in India since the ban was lifted by the Supreme Court. 

Trading extents on peer-to-peer crypto portals, Localbitcoins have turned out to be booming undeviatingly in India. Several Indians are transforming their INR to bitcoin and further to U.S. dollars applying various exchange platforms.

In extension to the Indian booming crypto market in current months, the nation’s Defi sector has also gained momentum. Even as concerns of another prohibition ban on the Indian crypto market linger on, peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange within the Asian powerhouse happens to be still surging, knocking all-time highs within the first week of August. 

This enormous growth was initially spurred by the Supreme Court’s explicit decision in March 2020 to abolish an unconstitutional handbill commanded by the Reserve Bank of India banning local banks and different financial organizations from rendering services to crypto traders in India.

According to information collected by Localbitcoins and peer-to-peer bitcoin (BTC) marketplaces Paxful, India’s weekly exchanging volumes have continued gaining ground continually from April. For instance, throughout the initial weeks of August, the local trade of BTC quota reached $4.4 million, a definite boost from the $1.52 million weekly business volume observed throughout January 2020.

Also, even throughout March, while the Supreme Court elevated the RBI prohibition, and the emotion of regional crypto traders stood at its zenith, the highest reported weekly P2P business volume concerning BTC was approximately the $2.28 million mark.

The RBI’s 2018 limitations made it challenging for crypto traders in India to convert INR to cryptocurrency and vice versa. As the prohibition was elevated, several crypto exchange platforms have built direct banking channels concerning local currency withdrawals and deposits, adding to the rush in P2P trade.

With above USD 135 Million value of P2P trades completed till now, the P2P volume is increasing by above 33% each month! The daily trading volumes and user signups are likewise increasing regularly as the Supreme Court of India rebelled the banking prohibition on crypto.

Exchange-based platforms surpass those of local P2P platforms

As different P2P trading portals continue to observe a growing volume of mainstream acceptance, P2P trade volumes have further spiked beyond numerous Indian crypto exchanges. This bulk expansion can be connected to the positive sentiment encompassing the international crypto sector, backed up by milestones like the United States banks being permitted to provide cryptocurrency supervision services to their customers and several mainstream companies entering the comparatively nascent space.

P2P trade volumes on regional Indian crypto exchanges are quickly surpassing those presently being observed across multiple other P2P platforms. During the initial few weeks of August, the trade volume of India’s top two P2P exchanges’ was approximately USD 4.4 million. During that same time, many exchanges expedited 6.5 million USD in their trading volume. Therefore, it can be reliably estimated that a considerable portion of crypto traders use exchanges instead of P2P platforms.

Ultimately, during mid-August, many popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India declared the launch of its peer-to-peer crypto platform, which will enable crypto traders in India to buy and sell USDT, BTC, and other digital assets with zero transaction charges utilizing Indian rupees.

While the declaration upholds the current skepticism surrounding the Indian crypto market, another blanket ban happens to be unlikely. The owners of the Indian exchanges are enthusiastic about supporting their Indian partners. They are promising that they can operate with regulators to elucidate their principal doubts and problems with cryptocurrencies.

Indian crypto enthusiasts are optimistic

Notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s decision to support crypto previously this year, crypto enthusiasts firmly think that as crypto still happens to be a nascent technology, various myths and misconceptions continue to encircle the Indian crypto market at large. They are confident that the Indian government is likely to follow countries like the U.S., Japan, the United Kingdom, including Australia, to manage its local digital asset business.

Amid the Indian economic devastation by the prevailing Covid-19 Pandemic, with several employees being laid off beyond corporate sectors, cryptocurrency still happens to be one of the many sectors that proceeds to display constant growth. 

It could be the best interest of the Indian government to support along with the business by building the appropriate regulatory context rather than implementing a prohibitive proposal like the “Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2019,” which attempts to prevent digital assets based on harmful application cases like terrorism financing, money laundering and so on. Nevertheless, crypto experts are confident that after discovering the original efficiency of crypto and blockchain technology, the Supreme Court is extremely unlikely to review its present stance. 

Acknowledging that lots of positive advancements have taken place internationally after this proposal was enlisted, there happens to be a perfect opportunity that the proposal will not get enacted in its present form, plus if things perform well.

Owners of cryptocurrency exchanges also marked that the Indian government needs to interpret its constitutional state and whether the blanket ban still happens to be possible. In the meantime, officials have openly declared that crypto does not happen to be on the very legal platform as the Indian rupee. It does not necessarily need an anti-crypto stance, as most countries manage crypto and think of it as an asset class rather than a currency.

DeFi gains impulse in India

With the Indian booming crypto market, as the interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow, the leading crypto exchange Binance declared on Aug 24 that they would host a Defi related hackathon with an accelerator event within the nation. 

Named “Build for Bharat,” the chief spokesperson for the organization declared that their purpose happens to be connecting the gap between the mass adoption of crypto and the blockchain industry in India.

As the hackathon’s part, special attention is likely to be provided to different Defi products that happen to be related to micro-financing applications, mini-tokens, blockchain-AI solutions, blockchain datasets, as per recent market reports of representatives from the company in a meeting.

With that being stated, India, being one of the quickest-advancing crypto markets, is slowly catching up on cryptocurrency advancement. It is anticipated that the international market share of cryptocurrency transactions within the Indian market will boom significantly in 2020-2022. The competition between the global and local crypto exchanges within the Indian crypto market is likely to turn into something interestingly fierce as per market reports. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are expected to shift their focus on improving their contributions and derivative products’ stability and continue offering more distinct depositing channels for users. As far as the Indian economy is concerned, market strategists have anticipated that the nation’s recession will be the worst ever. 

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