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Space Botany Benefitting Earth: NASA’s Research On Cotton Plants And Kidney-on-a-Chip

As far as the International space station research is concerned these days, kidney cells and cotton plants happen to be the dominant topics of research. Hosting numerous life forms to help the researchers in understanding how weightlessness impacts biology, there are numerous observations by researchers providing insights, usually improving conditions and advancing health for humans, on and off Earth. Dating back to a month before, tissue chips happened to be launched to the International space station. This is where the kidney-on-a-chip experiment comes in. According to the researchers of the International Space Station, it is one of those technologies that will be utilized for studying reduced gravity and additional space flight situations on kidney physiology. 

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Kidney-On-A-Chip: Reduce, Refine and Replace

When it comes to the research, the three R’s have been taken into consideration which eventually might be able to replace animal testing. With the kidney-on-a-chip research, a better model comes into existence as compared to testing kidney cells under a microscope on plates. 

Kidney-On-A-Chip To Space: What’s The Mission Behind?

Kidney diseases might take years to surface up. Microgravity happens to accelerate kidney dysfunction or disease, and additional conditions among astronauts. Therefore, the goal involves witnessing the impact of low gravity on the kidney cells within the micro physiological chips. 

This experiment helps learn more regarding how osteoporosis, kidney stones, and other diseases start and begin to develop. There are not quite a number of effective treatments concerning kidney stones presently. Earlier, the primary recommendation concerning the treatment of kidney stones was to experiment in a hope of dislodging the stone. But, with the latest experiment of sending them to space, healthcare professionals hope to gain insights on how they develop so that it might help the need for enhanced therapies. 

Kidney Cells and Cotton Plants: How’s NASA Working On It?

In the last week, a flight engineer from NASA tried harvesting cotton plants developing for the TICTOC (a study that involves targeting improved cotton with the help of orbit cultivation) botany study. This investigation evaluates the root growth and gene expression in microgravity. It might improve both cotton cultivation on Earth as well as space agriculture. 

The kidney cells investigation happens to be underway after its delivery on a specific supply ship last Saturday. Astronauts from NASA astronauts collaborated on the study of biotechnology that happens to be looking for treatments for conditions like osteoporosis and kidney disease affecting both earthlings and astronauts. Flight engineers and commanders from NASA happened to work on science varieties and share that the orbital research proceeds at full pace. 

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Presently, on third space flight, a commander from NASA serviced the medical imaging gear utilized by the crew daily for eye checks. On the other hand, the flight engineer who happens to be working on his 2nd station mission stowed a tiny incubator after completing the research on exploring how drugs happen to work in space. 

The commander and flight engineer from NASA is all set to go for space works on June 16th and 20th. The do is likely to spend more than six and a half hours on both the excursions, hence installing another pair of the solar array is that is robotically extracted overnight from the trunk of their cargo. 

Wrapping Up

Whether or not the mission will be successful will be narrated by NASA on Monday. The station managers are likely to discuss the potential upcoming spacewalk activities for augmenting the power system of the station.

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